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    You Can Always Come Home to Me by Andrew Peterson

    I love you today and I love you tomorrow
    I love you as deep as the sea
    I love you in joy and I love you in sorrow
    You can always come home to me

    There once was a man who found him a treasure
    Buried out under a tree
    He sold all he had just to own it forever
    The treasure is you, you see

    I love you today and I love you tomorrow
    I love you as deep as the sea
    I love you in joy and I love you in sorrow
    You can always come home to me

    There once were some sheep safe on the farm
    And one little lamb got loose
    The shepherd went out and carried it home
    That little lamb is you

    I love you today and I love you tomorrow
    I love you as deep as the sea
    I love you in joy and I love you in sorrow
    You can always come home to me

    You should google this and listen to it because the music is beautiful.

    I did-- and how right you are! It's now on my playlist!

    Sarah Fain! I happened to catch your blog today and fully dispute your commment about not being much of a singer...I think that you're pretty darned great! And just had to share that while this brain is become a bit mushier with age, reading your post totally pulled to the front of my mind a tape you made me when we were leaving NC--yes, a mixed tape that I still have. Beautifully painted cover and great songs including Feet of a Dancer--it was so appropriate then and remains such a powerful song. In fact, realizing that I need to load it onto my IPOD as I always find myself energized and introspective when listening to it..... Thanks for the wonderful morning memory!! :-)

    This clip reminds me of my childhood. It was released the year my sister was born.

    This is written for a father and his daughter (Paul Simon's Father Daughter song), but it could equally apply to a mother and child. And I know it's corny, but it chokes me up every darn time I hear it. If I had kids, I'd hope they'd feel this loved.

    Here are the lyrics:

    If you ever leap awake
    In the mirror of a bad dream
    And for a fraction of a second
    You can't remember where you are
    Just open your window
    And follow your memory upstream
    To the meadow in the mountain
    Where we counted every falling star

    I believe the light that shines on you
    Will shine on you forever
    And though I can't guarantee
    There's nothing scary hiding under your bed
    I’m gonna stand guard
    Like a postcard of a Golden Retriever
    And never leave till I leave you
    With a sweet dream in your head

    I'm gonna watch you shine
    Gonna watch you grow
    Gonna paint a sign
    So you'll always know
    As long as one and one is two
    There could never be a father
    Who loved his daughter more than I love you

    Trust your intuition
    It's just like going fishing
    You cast your line
    And hope you'll get a bite
    But you don't need to waste your time
    Worrying about the market place
    Try to help the human race
    Struggling to survive its harshest night

    I'm gonna watch you shine
    Gonna watch you grow
    Gonna paint a sign
    So you'll always know
    As long as one and one is two
    There could never be a father
    Who loved his daughter more than I love you

    I'm gonna watch you shine
    Gonna watch you grow
    Gonna paint a sign
    So you'll always know
    As long as one and one is two
    There could never be a father
    Who loved his daughter more than I love you
    I also love Patty Griffin's Blue Sky.

    I would put The Sweetest Gift by Sade on such an album, along with House at Pooh Corner, by Kenny Loggins (my niece loves that one). I Hope You Dance, by Lee Ann Womack is another good one, though it looks like you've got that sentiment covered with Feet of a Dancer.

    Someone grew up with FREE TO BE .. YOU AND ME!

    The only thing I can add here is an instrumental from one of my favorite performer-composers, Scott Kirby, whose specialty is Joplin and post-ragtime music. It's called "Hymn for Sara" and he wrote it for his 3-year-old. It's a little more austere than most of your choices, but it is brilliant and even a little haunting.

    It's also only 93 seconds long, so I've posted it at but if you like it, the whole record is amazing and it's at .

    GREAT songs!!! Talk about tear-jerkers! I'm adding all of them to the list once I stop crying. How could I have forgotten House at Pooh Corner?

    I second the Paul Simon Father/Daughter song. I don't have a perfect relationship with either of my parents (who does?), but it reminds me that I am very loved.

    My mom loves all sorts of music, but my childhood reminds me of her favorites: Billy Joel, Aaron Neville, Simon and Garfunkel, and Elton John.

    Specific songs that remind me of childhood, and are potentially appropriate for kids:
    River of Dreams - Billy Joel
    The Longest Time - Billy Joel (a love song, but very sweet and half applicable to children)
    Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes - Paul Simon
    I Am a Rock - Simon & Garfunkel (not a good child song, per se, but I have wonderful memories screaming the chorus with my sister as a 5-year-old)
    Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John and Kiki Dee
    You've Got a Friend - James Taylor

    Other good songs:
    Hey Mama - Kanye West
    Underneath It All - No Doubt
    Ice Cream - Sarah McLachlan

    I'm so glad to hear everyone else's suggestions.

    Second "I Hope You Dance" (makes me sob). Add: "It Might Be You" by Stephen Bishop - a.k.a. "Love Theme from TOOTSIE" for this line alone: "I've been saving love songs and lullabies/And there's so much more/No one's ever had before." Oh, and the last refrain: "It's you/I've been waiting for/All of my life."

    Probably tipped more toward a romantic love, but I sing it to the kids.

    Also: "The Very Thought of You."

    Being the mom of Mixed Nuts, this totally makes me cry. He's pretty damn lucky to have such an awesome aunt who, by the way, IS a fabulous singer. Everyone who's heard her thinks so (although, granted, that's sadly not many of us). ANYWAY, I have to add "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart to the playlist. It was the theme song for our Father/Daughter dinner senior year in high school. Totally gets me.

    I was pregnant the summer that Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" was popular, and loved singing it (alone in my car, of course) loud and thinking of her. She (almost 3) and I also love "Shiny, Happy People" by REM.

    By the way, I'm a first-time commenter. Found your blog a couple of months ago and really enjoy it.

    ...thinking of my daughter who was on the way, not Natasha. duh.

    I have some of the same songs! Here are more that are in my iTunes playlist for my little one (that I made before he arrived and need to update - maybe with some of your choices!). They aren't all meant exactly for parent-child, but since so many songs are about love and I love him so dearly, I can make them fit. :-)

    To Make You Feel My Love - Garth Brooks
    Power of Two - Indigo Girls
    Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamikawwiwo'ole
    How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) - James Taylor
    Loves Me Like a Rock - Paul Simon
    Be My Baby - The Ronettes
    You Are the Sunshine of My Life - Stevie Wonder
    500 Miles - The Pretenders
    I Got a Feeling - The Four Tops
    Depend on Me - Bryan Adams
    Make Me Smile - Chicago
    Upside Down - Jack Johnson
    Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel
    This Will Be Our Year - The Zombies

    1) You are a great singer and a pretty good guitar player.
    2) What was that game we used to play in Weldon where you kicked ass because you knew the lyrics to EVERY obscure Carly Simon song?
    3) I remember when we saw Maura O'Connell together in Carrboro.
    4) The song I would add to the list(s) is Georgia Rae by John Hiatt.

    Oh man, I've already gone through three tissues reading the above. I second ALL of these songs.

    Putumayo has a great Sing Along album that I listen and sing along to every morning with my baby, and I have yet to get through "You Are My Sunshine" without crying.

    How about The Rainbow Connection? It's such a beautiful song. Okay, naptime is over.

    Ok I have never commented, but this is such a fun post. Here are some songs that I loved growing up. Also, thank you for putting Joy - George Winston on the list. I love that song. It was on the promotional video for my summer camp, which I adored, and my parents often played it while cooking dinner. It always brings me to a confused state of happiness reminiscent of summers in Maine and home-cooked pasta.

    Anyways, on to the songs:

    - Trouble in the Fields and Ford Econoline (Nanci Griffith)
    - ANY Mary Chapin Carpenter or Simon & Garfunkel
    - Let the River Run (Carly Simon)
    - the complete soundtrack to Secret Garden on Broadway
    - thousands upon thousands of camp songs

    And some songs that I hope to add:

    - Indigo Girls
    - Dar Williams, especially "Echoes"
    - Chris Pureka, especially "Swann Song"
    - all Juan Luis Guerra, which always makes me want to dance
    - and Celia Cruz because she's awesome

    Geez, music makes me SO nostalgic. Here's to happy listening.

    I used to nanny two infant twin boys, and to get them to sleep I would sing "Blue Skies" to them. It's a pretty child-friendly song! I hope that someday it becomes "my song" with my kids, that I'll sing to them each night or whenever they ask.

    I just discovered Elizabeth Mitchell's cover of "You Are My Sunshine" (in a Hallmark e-card no less) and have been singing it with my daughter incessantly. I've also always loved "When You Say Nothing at All" (Ronan Keating) which was intended I'm sure to be a love song but makes me think of my little girl when I hear it.

    By the way recently found your blog when a friend forwarded me your post on changing names...laughed all the way through and then realized that I knew you. Your mom and my dad worked together and we would have play dates occasionally. I didn't see any John Denver on your list of songs you recall from childhood but I totally remember playing on the sun porch attached to your bedroom and listening to him and singing along. :)

    Adele's version of Make You Feel My Love. And for some reason ... I can't stop hoping to sing The Rainbow Connection to my child. (I was in chorus when I lived overseas and we sung this song. It still makes me smile.)

    I love The Rainbow Connection!!!

    I'm so happy that there were several mentions of The Rainbow Connection - I absolutely adore that song. Here are a few songs I love to sing, because the lyrics mean something special to me from a parent's point of view, and that my 3-year old son also really enjoys hearing:
    - "Baby Don't You Cry" from the movie Waitress;
    - "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz
    - "Three Little Birds" - both the Bob Marley original as well as a version sung by Cedella Marley on the Putumayo Kids World Playground CD. The Putumayo CDs are lots of fun - highly recommend those.

    oh Sarah this is such a beautiful post. I often would say to my (now ex-) husband, when I’d hear a beautiful song, “Oh I’d love to sing this to my children!”. For me the Dixie Chicks ‘Godspeed, Sweet Dreams’ is right up the top of the list, along with a whole bunch of Helen Reddy songs that were my mum’s favourite and she used to always sing to me when I was little. Is it any wonder I ended up a feminist when my mother’s lullaby to my was ‘I Am Woman’?!.

    And DEFINITELY 'The Rainbow Connection'. Love that one.

    ‘I Hope You Dance’ would be a great lullaby. One I’d love to sing to my theoretical daughter is ‘I Like Giants’ by Kimya Dawson, a quirky little song that includes the line “Cause all girls feel too big sometimes, regardless of their size... I like giants, especially girl giants….” Such fun.

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