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This is great Sarah.

Best decision I've made lately: I've kind of (mostly) stopped asking people's approval to do stuff. Now I check in with my gut, and if it all checks out, then I do it.

Congratulations on making your big decision, it's a good one.

The best decision that I've made lately is to allow myself to be self employed again. I liked my job, but when the business closed, I decided that I wasn't going to be beholden to anyone for a paycheck. I have manifested two very part time jobs, each one day a week. This also gives me time to create my art and sell it.

I'm happy.

You seem really happy with your decision Sarah...congratulations!

Biggest decision I've made recently is deciding to be a grown up. And at the ripe old age of 35 I think it's about time. I've acknowledged that while there were many crappy things in my past that have significantly affected me, it's time to put on my big girl pants and start taking responsibility for my own decisions...my failures and successes are all my own doing. (This is equally terrifying and gratifying by the way...)


I'm really glad you are keeping that wonderful place. You seem to really love it--and why mess with a good relationship?

Best thing I've decided to do lately is to focus my attention and energy on the things in my life that I CAN have an impact upon. Life seems to have a way of rapidly swirling out of control, which for those of us who prefer to remain firmly at the helm of their own lives, can be extremely disconcerting. So I'm trying to remind myself on a daily basis that while I have no real authority over my colleagues, students, family, national politics, man-made or natural disasters--or the disturbing propagation of crap reality television shows--I can still manage to feed my cats expensive gourmet kibble, kiss my husband as much as possible, and tell the people I love how much I care.

It's not much, but it's something.

the best decision i have made lately is to not ignore red flags when it comes to dating--actually with people in general. so i guess it just boils down to trust your gut. and i made a list after reading yours. funny that "find love" was #16,then i amended it to "when love appears, embrace it."

I'm struggling with a decision right now as to whether to have a hip surgery that has a long recovery, but would allow me to keep running, climbing, and doing yoga. Not having it means a total change in lifestyle and continued pain and a hip replacement in 10 to 15 years.

So no decision yet...just the weight of it keeping me up at night.

Glad you're staying put. I hope you will show us the remodeling as it occurs.

Wow-- thats a tough one. Youve probably thought of this already, but what if you asked yourself this: One year from now, will I be glad I had the surgery? Whenever I have something coming up Im not looking forward to, I always remind myself that by dinner this will be over, or by September, this will be done. It really helps. It may help to factor the notion of doneness into your thinking. If knowing it will be done at a certain point outweighs having to live with your hip as is for a longer time... then youll know what to do. If it doesnt... then waiting is probably the better option.

After practicing Kundalini yoga on and off for 10 years, I finally decided last week to dive into a little savings and sign up for teacher training. It's going to be 8 months of intense soul searching and yoga practice and vegetarianism, and I'm really excited about it. (Although I'm secretly wondering if I can still have turkey on Thanksgiving ... or should I go full-on and just eat the side dishes? ... how much do I really like turkey, anyway? ... hmmmm)

That sound AMAZING. (And personally, I think turkeys overrated.)

I'm with Elizabeth, take some before and after photos of the renovations and post. I'm really pleased with our renovation. When we called to have the property re-evaluated, the adjuster as he walked in the house, said, "is this the same house?" It was really transformed and for our efforts we were rewarded over $200,000 more in the value of the house.

Congrats on your decision.

Mine best decision was to write again after years of well... not. I had heart surgery at the beginning of the year which made me re-evaluate a lot of things.
I have two small children and am married to a military officer who doesn't want me to write.(He feels it takes up too much of my time). It's taken me a long time to see that this is his(control) issue, not mine. Writing is not optional for me it's something I need to do.
Accepting this has made me a lot happier and, I'm hoping, he will eventually come around.

Good for you, Pandora! That's awesome. Write!!!!

Reflecting on your earlier comment, Sarah, one of my sainted grandma's favorite expressions, when faced with a time of trial, was "pretty soon, it'll be three days from now." Pretty soon, your wonderful house will be spectacular, and just the place to house a baby, or more dogs, or a cageful of budgies, or whatever. You'll be so glad you did it, though.

My best decision lately is to MAKE the time to write. I've been hacking out time to do a writing class this fall, and it's amazing, so I've decided to pony up and keep paying the sitter for the same hours, even after the class ends next week. Writing time?!? Woohoo! I'll try not to use it to clean the sink.

To start blogging! It's like I'm a little self-contained newspaper; I'm the reporter but also the editor, the one who pitches the stories, the photographer, the marketing executive and the guy (gal) who throws the paper in your yard. And since it's a gardening blog, I make sure it doesn't land in your roses!
But really, this form of comuunication suits me; my writing style and my schedule. And it's fun.

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