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Wow, that's a good question! What objects define me?

1. My iphone would HAVE to be the most defining thing. I simply cannot leave home without it. I don't get tons of calls on it, or even text a lot but I almost feel like it's a life line to my family. With so many kids/grandkids if one should get hurt or need help I want to always be available for them. Also I'm in and out of the house so much it's nice to take my email and the internet with me!

Other things would include coffee mugs, starbucks, the mess that is my car, my calendar with my volunteer times on it. If my calendar(which of course syncs between my iphone, laptop & desktop) doesn't tell me what to do I'd just sit home and twiddle my thumbs.

Wouldn't it be interesting to hear what OTHER people think defines you? I wonder what my family would say.

In my office at work, I have a TON of photos of my daughter. She's just so adorable! :) Otherwise, there are lots of pieces of scratch paper strewn around my desk, and stacks of books. I prefer writing in pencil, because I can edit and it still looks nice. I work in software. So much for the paperless office!

Same pens, plus another couple of varieties. Narrow-ruled yellow notepads. My desk planner calendar (actually, 5x7 sized and also narrow-ruled) that holds a trifolded, fluorescent to do list broken down by day. Coffee. These things can get me through almost any situation.

hello there. i've been following quietly your writings. i can really relate to this. i do the same thing! my iphone is like my personal visual journal. in those moments, when things are simple/messy/rushed/peaceful/crammed for time are the best of my works! thanks for sharing yours. =)

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