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Hi - I feel kind of guilty, posting to ask you questions, when I haven't been reading your blog since your "sperm announcement" (feels like that needs to be in quotes!) because I've been moving jobs, preparing to start IVF etc.

I've read back and came across your 10 things I am doing to get pregnant post (http://starfishenvy.typepad.com/starfish-envy/2010/03/ten-things-im-doing-to-get-pregnant-soon.html). If you don't mind, because you seem to be following the same type of prep I am/would like to be doing (and seem to be way ahead actually - I keep sabotaging my efforts), I would like to ask some follow up questions about your experiences. I want to take this info to my next acupuncture appt, which is this week, but understand this may not happen (I think my acupuncturist is going easy cause I don't like needles!)!

Eg I am keen to know how often you are going to the acupuncturist, her recommonded diet (mine has got me on twice-daily herbs, and once a cycle acupuncture, but feel I could be doing more), moxibustion (never heard of that before)and the meditation you are doing (I have a couple of tracks at home, and I love meditation, but these just aren't working for me).

I want to do all I can to prepare for what I am about to put my body through with IVF (praying that we manage naturally in the 2 cycles I have left before starting). During IVF, I have to cut out the Chinese herbs, and I want to have as much else in place to support myself.

Sorry this is a bit of a manic post, does reflect my mood in a way, but just cause I am crazily busy right now.

Thanks for anything you can offer Sarah,

Hi Jodie-- I'm pretty much going to acupuncture twice a week-- although if I weren't starting so soon, it would be more like once a week-- and my acupuncturist wrote up a food plan based on my particular imbalances. If your acupuncturist doesn't do that, I recommend a book called "Making Babies." It goes through all the different imbalances, etc., and then has recommendations for diet, herbs, etc. I read it, and found it pretty fascinating. Good luck!!!

Sarah, my husband and I had the privilege of escorting one of the WASP to Washington DC for the activities surrounding the award ceremony. They are the most amazing group of ladies - not only for what they did 65 years ago, but what so many of them have done since - and are still doing! One of them flew as a co-pilot with her granddaughter in the London to Syndey air race in 2001, she was 80 years old. "Our" WASP plans to volunteer with a gifted children's program, and still wants to travel to Africa. There's a great website, "Wings Across America" about the WASP, and there are interviews with the WASP in a living history through Texas Women's Univerity which holds the WASP archives. As a woman pilot, these ladies are my heroes, and they certainly led the way for the rest of us! Thank you for helping share their story!

In reply to "For Your Viewing Pleasure: WASP Congressional Medal of Honor Ceremony"

Thank you for posting the video of the WASP receiving their Congressional Gold Medal, which is a medal given to civilians. The WASP were a group of wonderful pioneering women and it was about time that they were recognized. The Congressional Gold Medal, which they received as a group, will be on display at the Smithsonian soon. Several of these ladies did die while on duty from very reasons, but they did not see combat.

The Congressional Medal of Honor is award to military personal only. The last being given to Jarred Monti in 2006 as he gave his life for the safety of his unit in the War on Terrorism. His family must have received his Medal of Honor for him from the President of the United States later.

The only reason I am writing this is to clarify what medal was received to whom...as it wasn't really clear as posted. Thank you for your time.

Great to have that clarified-- thank you!


I want to do all I can to prepare for what I am about to put my body through with IVF (praying that we manage naturally in the 2 cycles I have left before starting). During IVF, I have to cut out the Chinese herbs, and I want to have as much else in place to support myself.

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