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I LOVE it that your own response was "less and less".
That's so great!

I'm pretty much intimidated by everything.....or I guess that would be everyONE. I think that is a big reason I love the internet so much. People can't "see" me. LOL

Blessings, C

Hi Sarah,

It's been a while since I commented but as you say "less and less" intimidates a person when you know you can make the most life altering decision and stand by it.
Maybe it's a bit bizarre to share it over the internet before my parents even know it but I have been APPROVED to have a baby by myself, the fertility clinic called only an hour ago and told me I can go ahead with the insemination process.
I had to go through a dr appointment, gyneacological check up and 3 psychological visits that took over 6 months to complete but this is it... the next visit is going to be an explanation of what is about to happen and then the only thing left is to set a date to start.
I can't describe how I feel, slightly nauseous might be coming close to it...:-)


Woo hoo!!! Kat, thats so exciting! Looks like well be trekking down this crazy road together. Congtratulations, and please let me know how its going!!!


Cocktail parties. I'm terrified of them. Not quite as scary as motherhood, but there's something about them that always makes me feel as though I'm 12 again, at a middle-school dance, certain that no one is EVER going to ask me onto the floor. (Which they didn't. I was 5'10" when I was twelve. And I'm a girl.)

Great answer, Sarah. I have been reading your blog for quite some time, and I get such a deep sense of how much you love your job. A passion for what you do makes it much easier to learn, and hone your expertise. Learning and caring leads to more knowledge, and in my humble opinion, knowledge leads to fearlessness. That feeling of fearlessness is so confidence-inspiring, that it can bleed into other areas of our lives.

I tend to be pretty fearless in many areas of life, except for one: relationships. As badly as I say I want a marriage, I have come to recognize I have a deep seeded fear of intimacy and commitment! Not the easiest thing to admit, but the truth nonetheless.

I will second the cocktail party!! I spend some of my time at the tip end of the boom of tower cranes around NYC. And I am afraid of heights but I'll be damned if I'll let the men see me scared. The challenge of being a woman who works in construction. But heck, send me to a company Christmas party and ughhhh!!!

Thanks Sarah, I'll keep you updated :-)

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