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Yeah, sometimes it really sucks to be alone. And then sometimes it's just fine -- I hope tomorrow is just fine day.

Know what Sarah, my first instinct was to write a bunch of blather that you already know. But I just wrote a sort of similar blog post two days ago -- and someone sent me an email saying "you sound so sad." And the fact is -- I wasn't sad -- that email made me sad. Because I want to feel like I can be honest and authentic and frank without a bunch of people going "oh blah blah you sound sad."
People have feelings. We go up and down. That you're feeling something and that you're connected and involved in your life and wanting something and have hope and fear all show that you're on the scent and moving toward it and you're going to get what you want in the end.
I have no doubt about you.

Your post was me for a long time. I still feel that way every now and again. My last disaster of a relationship made me feel more alone than I even did by myself so I realized that being alone didn't necessarily make me lonely, and I'd have good days and bad. The bad still suck though, but like you said, there's always tomorrow.



I've felt like this the last couple of days. Chasing a positive is exhausting, and no longer chasing a man is occasionally crushing. But I agree,tomorrow is another day.

Thanks for this.

I hate when people try to make me feel better when I'm having one of these days, so I won't do that. Instead I will say that I love your writing - honest, clever, thought-provoking - and I hope you will get back to fine or more than fine very soon.

At least there are kittens in this sometimes hostile and demoralizing world, right? Small, fluffy, and adorable kittens?


Hope things are better today...

I've had these feelings as of late as well...

I am trying to acknowledge and observe the feeling, the moment and appreciate it for what it is. (That's what they tell us to do in yoga class, anyway... not to engage, just to observe.)

The sun will rise, the sun will set. Hang in there, tomorrow is another day.

Be kind and gentle with yourself-its not easy, this life.

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