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LOL You are too funny. Some of the lines in the poem really make me wonder what that particular conversation was about.
Like "Looking through the plastic mouth,
Deflation has set in,". Sounds interesting ;-)

I've read about TFA before. All my good friends are teachers. What a cool thing for you to do. Although I'm sure it wasn't easy, what a great experience.

Peace, Chris (Looks like we are on the same schedule again haha)

I didn't know you taught in NC. Some of the rural areas are amazing. When I was in college, I was part of a traveling theatre show. Twice a week, we took the university's dilapidated van and drove waaaaay into the Appalachian Mountains to these tiny schools where we performed. I remember once this woman showed up with her daughter. She wasn't a student at the school. They came from back in the hills somewhere. Might have walked in, I don't know. The girl literally was barefoot. Her mother--who was missing a handful of teeth--thanked me after the show. Said this was one of the best days of her life because she and her daughter had never seen "thee-ay-ter" before. It was heartbreaking and beautiful.

Side note: my dear, amazing friend is ALSO on the same schedule with you and Chris. This is her third try. We went out the other night and, maybe it's wishful thinking on my part but, I swear, she is glowing. Fingers crossed for all of you ("all y'all," in NC parlance).

Jen-- Yay! Good luck to your friend!!

WAIT A MINUTE! I'm not on THAT schedule with Sarah!!!

I always seem to be online at the exact same time each evening when she is.

Whew! Glad I could clear that up! haha


With you Sarah, love you Sarah ( always catching up on your blog towards the end of the month ) of course you're pregnant. & thanks for the pottery shout out- nxxx

A fellow TFA alum, delurking to say I've enjoyed your blog for some time. I taught in the South Bronx and there were 500 first year corp members so as you can imagine I have no similar story of homey pot lucks. I think I got through thanks to humor and sheer fortitude. But I am in a cooking club at the moment and I love sitting at the table, surrounded by quality people, nourishing food and a din of conversation. Nothing makes me happier than moments shared over homemade meals.

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