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I'm clueless but I did read something that was nice..


The closest thing I can think of is... bliss.

I was going to say blisskrieg

It’s a moment that when you’re in it, it feels like time is almost still. It hovers in existence, like that tiny quiet in between your heartbeats, or like the silence in between ticks on an old clock. It’s not like other happy moments, either. The thing that makes it so perfect isn’t just the bliss you feel. It’s the perfect, sparkling clarity of that bliss. It’s the kind of moment when you suddenly realise that every tiny detail of the world around you has become precious to your senses. So precious that you can only breathe, feel, and close your eyes for a second, for the sole purpose of saying to yourself: stop, and never forget the way you feel right now. Because *this* is what it is to be truly alive.
It's a snowflake moment: a once only, never to be repeated, tiny masterpiece of absolute perfect delight; a drop of cool grace that melts in little more than a breath of time after falling. Only, the fact that it melts doesn’t matter. All that matters is that for that one, brief second in history, all it’s loveliness was yours.

I'm going to share Moo-man-love. For those of you who don't understand, Moose is THE BEST DOG in the whole wide world. He makes me happy when I'm feeling down, and he is always there at just the right time when I need a smile. Sarah, you probably think I'm nuts, but it's the honest truth and that is a phrase in my weekly vocabulary!

i'd go with serenblissity (n.): 1. a state of being happy because suddenly everything makes sense.
2. a faculty of appreciating such a moment in full.
serenblissitous (adj.), serenblissitously (adj.)


For one brief, shining moment it was known as Camelot.

Call me a simpleton, but Ive always liked "euphoria." Sometimes it's not the single word you use, but the words you put around it, that make all the difference.

verklempt in Yiddish - it means overcome with emotion, but that doesn't really cut it - in the same way that to say schlep means to carry, doesn't really explain it - there's an emotion behind every Yiddish word - which is why I love the language so much.

I call those rare, fleeting moments "snapshot moments". They're crystal clear when they happen, and it's as if a moment in time has been captured and held for you a little longer than the other moments in life that fly by.

Great topic! My vote is with Bibi for serenblissity.

my personal favorite is .....Wowness.

A clarion moment-a perfect storm of feeling cherished, special, happy, peaceful, joyful- set to music and sprinkled with pixie dust.

I think you should look into Csíkszentmihályi's flow theory (just look up flow theory in Wikipedia for a good, quick overview). It isn't a perfect fit to the concept you're describing, but it is related. Essentially, flow is the state you achieve when skill, interest, and challenge are perfectly matched and you become totally immersed.

Ooh, I'm on board with serenblissity. Seriously, if it makes its way into modern parlance, we'll all know that WE KNEW IT FIRST, thanks to Bibi and Sarah.

I definitely don't have a better answer, and maybe I don't have an answer at all -- although for some reason, the question makes me think of haiku. You know, the concept that something very specific -- an emotion, a moment in time -- can be expressed in just 17 syllables. Life-ku?

No, serenblissity is the best.

I LOVE blisskrieg.

(Had a perfect moment last night... it just snuck up on me!)

Serenblissity. Sold.

— n
1. Islam the will of Allah
2. fate or destiny

I dunno. It's a word that comes to mind every time something 'perfect' happens. I feel like it provides a sense of protection or 'grace' from the Christian vernacular.

I love the suggestions and descriptions, really fun to read. I have a couple other word possibilities: Nirvana, transcendent.

I think Erin said it perfectly!

"It's a snowflake moment: a once only, never to be repeated, tiny masterpiece of absolute perfect delight; a drop of cool grace that melts in little more than a breath of time after falling. Only, the fact that it melts doesn’t matter. All that matters is that for that one, brief second in history, all it’s loveliness was yours."

I'm totally going to use the term "snowflake moment"!

I thought 'serendipity' while reading your blog and on reading all the comments I have to agree with 'serenblissity' as a potential new word

Sarah, I think that Madeleine L'Engle discusses this type of moment so well in so many of her young adult novels.... sometimes I think that's what her whole book "A Ring of Endless Light" is about -- when she talks about how Vicky feels when she is sitting on the rock or when she is looking at stars. One of L'Engle's nonfiction books also talks about this extensively, and the title of that book is "A Circle of Quiet" which also reminds me of that feeling... I know you can't just USE what she wrote, but I have always felt that her expression resonated with me.

Where was the post that brought about "Waldenlust"? I want to read it and searching Gretchen's blog is not getting me there. . . .

(I like blisskrieg.)

There should be a word for it! The absolute distillation of being totally present...just that brief moment. It makes me imagine a big juicy drop of pure yum.

It's serendipitime. So fleeting but so fulfilling. I often experience it when I randomly am blessed to observe something brief but beautiful in nature . . . a tiny mouse playing like a gymnast on the branches of a holly plant, swarms of hummingbirds around a shrub that's lusty with blooms, a bump on my front door late a night that turned out to be two raccoons behaving like high school kids ("You stop!" "No, YOU stop!" And smacking at each other with their hands!) It's the moments in life, not the times . . .




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