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As a fan of your blog first, a fan of your TVD episodes 2nd, and a fan of you over all - I hope that everything goes VERY well for the new show. I feel like I would follow you to the ends of the earth at this point. MUCH LOVE!!!! And pack light sweaters for those occasional sunny days.

Take very good care of yourself.
I'm serious -- I've been working really hard lately, and sacrificing sleep -- and then I wind up way less productive in the end.
I just read that a study of concert violinists found that they all got 8.5-9 hours of sleep every day (including naps). I know that may be unrealistic -- but making sleep a goal/priority might help you both with work and with your other project.
I've also been binge-eating from stress ... and then I'm less productive ... I always think it will help me power through and it never does.
I know you know what to do to take care of yourself. I know y'all are gonna do great!

I've been in Oxford, UK, for two months and I'll be here for two more, so I completely understand your packing dilemma! I have found that layers work best -- that's probably the obvious answer -- so I brought a few pants, several base layers, and cardigans, etc.

The outer layer item I have been most happy with is my scarf. I also indulged myself with one rather impractical item (some black boots) that I knew wearing would make my day, and I'm glad I did.

My best advice, though, is what a dear friend kept repeating to me. "You are not going to a third-world country. There are stores there," which was a great reminder when I started to obsess.

Probably way more that you wanted, but I hope you have a fabulous
(and distracted :)) time!!

Love this blogpost's picture!

I think this trip is just what you need. Seriously. New things going on everywhere. Enjoy it all.

Sounds like Laura knows what she's talking about. Layers.

Watch the Canucks calendar. They don't have many home games left this month. Only 2 home games the 1st week of April. ahhh So close to playoffs!

I got a Vancouver Visitor's Guide in the mail yesterday. LOL I'll let you know if there's stuff in there you might not want to miss. ;-)


SO envious. LOVE Vancouver. Hope you get some time off to explore!!!


i pack comfort and depending on destination as there are different degrees of comfort. with long trips w/kitchen-i bring my own coffee (& tea) and mug...sweetener of choice and ff coffeemate powder. if cold weather, i bring the good socks and scarf. if your neck is warm-your body is warm. i pack my pillow on all trips and my travel size favorite fragrance candle...bring your favorite soap (regular size) and bubblebath. of course layer, layer, layer...two pair of glasses and a flashlight. never travel without a flashlight. don't forget the binoculars! this sounds like a wonderful trip...actually an adventure. relax when you can, take lots of pics and buy something special. safe travel.

Take raingear!

Maybe some small decorations from your own bedroom, or a few favorite keepsakes/photos from around the house? I have friends who moved from town to town frequently as kids, and they said upon arrival in their new house, they always immediately unpacked and rearranged their bedroom decorations in a way that was identical to how their bedroom had been set up prior to the move. Re-creating their personal space via bedroom decor was their one way of maintaining a feeling of consistency in a new location. Travel safely and have a fantastic time! xo M.

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