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Geez, shouldn't the sperm bank test these things? There should be some guarantee, right? Best wishes for a successful outcome anyway!

Hmmmm.... I think you should get your money back for both of those vials.

BUT it only takes one!

My fingers are crossed for you.

Somehow those numbers astonish me but remember it does only take one and you (the almighty egg) are ready. It can happen.

I was also going to say "it only takes one" but I see others have already beaten me to the punch!

Here's hoping quality wins out over quantity in this situation...

What a frustrating experience, though it seems like you handled it better than most would. You're doing great! Go sperm go!

two short comments. believe it or not. 1. 'amazingly one was available' and 2. 8 is a helluva lucky number for those of us who play roulette on the occasional road trip to biloxi. so, here's hoping 8 will be g8 4 u, 2. best,

As it has been said... It only takes one good swimmer!! So here's to hoping for a Michael Phelps in the group!!



Dud. I've found ones living breathing with skin to have similar dud-ness lately.

You would indeed think they would test it before handing it out, so that it has to meet some kind of standard. Maybe that's a flaw in the sperm bank system.

How much does a vial cost, anyway?

here's hoping that the dud becomes dudly do right!!!

What's so funny is, I think I initially subconsciously pictured this donor as some debonair mysterious wonder-man with swooshy hair walking around some university campus. Until his sperm motility became questionable. At which point, my brain began picturing him as Dilbert. Did that happen for you, too? :) In any case, GO team Dilbert!

I'm not going to say "it only takes one" because that was the kind of comment I got during infertility and for me it was impossible to get even 1 to implant. However, during my failed IVF attempt, another patient with very 'crummy' embryos was successful while we did not succeed even though we had more embryos. Sometimes it really is luck of the draw, so good luck!

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