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Don't forget to save room for shopping...

Having less clothes is a great way to make life easier.

I'm starting to shed clothes to prepare for a transcontinental move and it feels great.

To join with other people doing this, check out 'six items or less'.
People vow to wear only six things for a month (not counting undies and coats and so on). I think seven is a better number 'cause it's prime... I haven't done it yet, but maybe with warmer weather.

you're going for work AND it's practically winter. this is super-light! (trust me, i'm a mean packer -- i once packed stuff for a two-week holiday that included a really posh wedding, hats and all, into my 7 kg hand luggage -- but even i had to completely fill my suitcase for a trip to russia a couple of winters ago.) plus, work travel requires more shoes!!! (and boots. and a second jacket. and workout gear to keep your sanity ...) you're quite right, though, getting dressed in the morning is much faster.

I started shedding clothes before I moved to Montana last year and it's really turned out to be a huge stress relief. In fact, I'm following the example of my sister these days and every time I buy something new, I donate TWO items to the Good Will. So ... I'm not only clearing out clutter, but I feel like I'm doing a good thing, to boot.

Congrats on the pilot ... and on the limited packing ... and on the stress reduction ... and on enjoying yourself! Such a good thing.

Be careful I heard there were tsunami warnings

If one needs to de-stress, particularly about dressing habits,the Pacific Northwest is a great place to do it whether in Canada or down here in the states. I seriously can't imagine living any place else in the world then in this little pocket of beauty. There is just something about the combination of trees, mountains, and ocean and the laid back people that make it home.

this should appeal to you on many levels:http:
try as i might, i suck at packing and that 50 lb weight limit...right.

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