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I look forward to hearing how it goes!

I love yoga and find it really difficult and emotionally challenging -- and I often get that high feeling after too. When I make myself go.

Good for you! About 2 years ago I had my re-introduction to yoga, and though seriously intimidating, it has helped me so very much... especially with letting go.

i love the idea of yoga, the calmness, inner peaceness, stresslessness and awareness. all the nesses...and even have yoga tunes on my ipod so one could say i have a fondness for the nearness of yoga. making myself find a class or a teacher...so far, hopelessness. however, goint to btr to get kids from lsu and the 'creek is rising' so that might be the push i need. now, is there any way to incorporate scotch? don't i need one of those aluminum bottles that matches the mat?
but seriously, i so admire yogi peeps...you got game! good for y'all.

i started going to yoga more regularly in the past few years.
it's the only thing that's helped keeping my breathing more calm- i've tried meditation but the sitting still part is way more challenging for me than yoga! though sometimes frustrating i'm always glad i went and keep going back for more.and to quote my yoga teacher- you do enough thinking out there in the word - this is just a place to concentrate on your breathing.
though it can be insanely challenging-to your body and brain- just keep going back for more

Yay for yoga! and SUPER YAY FOR YOU, SARAH!!!! That's awesome. As my teacher Yogi Bhajan used to say "Keep up and you'll be kept up!"

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