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In the moment, I found breaks to be frustrating. I wanted to get on with it, dammit! I wasn't getting any younger! But I always handled the outcome of a cycle better when it was preceded by a break -- going back-to-back is killer on the emotions. Enjoy your time focused on other things, and you'll come back refreshed and re-energized.

Where was that beautiful photo taken? It looks like somewhere I've been, but I can't quite place it. (Though I'm sure there are many places that look similar.)

take a breather...enjoy some down time although aren't you hockey people in the FINALS?? i stopped myself from comparing flying to watching a hockey game for the stanley cup although i think the hockey game would be the most stressful. you sound great, even with computer glitches which is the next headache after a washer going on the blink...and knitting. live big.

Good choice on taking a break (whether it was what you really wanted to do or not). My short breather lasted 8 months- but it was worth it to get my body and life back in order, as I was completely ready for #2 and it worked!

Perhaps if you take a break you can watch my new favorite show!! It's called Downton Abbey on PBS. I'm watching on netflix. Have you seen it?

Sometimes it's a good feeling to let your body make the decision for you (about taking a break). Enjoy the time off of your TTC mindset and just being Sarah (sounds like fun).

Hi Sarah -

I'm Shannon (Chasing Rainbow)'s friend Heidi, and I'm so sorry the IVF isn't going to work for this month. I agree with letting your body take a break. Not that I have any knowledge about fertility other than Shannon's journey... but I did have some B&J's Phish Food tonight so I must be brilliant.

But the reason I'm writing is because I just had a visit to Apple's Genius Bar about the exact same problem on my Mac. The Genius ran all sorts of diagnostics and couldn't precisely diagnose it, but for me it happened when I let my battery run down all the way. And since my battery is a sad, sad thing that raised all sorts of "this battery is pathetic" signs on the Genius Diagnostics - I replaced it. Haven't had the problem again, though I realize that's like saying I haven't had a flat because I replaced my tires.

I'm obviously adding reams of value to your blog. I'm going to enjoy my new battery now.

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