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C'mon. Your singing is AMAZING. Happy birthday 55 minutes early!

now this made me smile. happy birthday, sarah!

Have a very Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday! Can't wait to hear what treat you purchased for yourself.

Happy birthday! Love you and miss you. Hot Rod says to give his cousin a hug too.

You must be pretty good if you can remember all those songs off the top of your head after 5 years!

Happy Birthday. Have you unwrapped your present (to yourself) yet!! Spill, what is it?

on a card when i turned 40:

The lovely thing about being forty is that you can appreciate
twenty-five-year-old men (Collen MCullough)

female writers do have a way with words...don't you agree?

play dance sing toast enjoy but mainly just be .....God is watching over you

happy day you were born day

Hey sweetie - just caught up with your fabulous news. Hope to get you on the phone one of these days!!!! When I saw the headline on this, the first thing I thought of was how amazed I was that you younguns knew all those songs from my own youth, before you were born. Glad to see you remember that, too.

Happy weekend, happy Thanksgiving, happy belly!

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