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Mate, i feel for you, i honestly do and i wish there was something i could do to help. I couldn't imagine anything worse than having such a deep desire like having a child and then being told that your body wont let you. It hardly seems fair when there are people who want kids so badly and would be amazing parents but can't have them, then there are those who are aweful parents and irresponsibly reproduce all the time. Then there are people like me, my body works fine but i have no desire to have children :S if only i could give you my follicles.

But nonetheless tomorrow is a new day and I am sure things will work out for you and i'll be sure to send some positive vibes your way

I think I told you this before but for my successful IVF I had 5 follicles - and got twins. I know plenty of people who were successful with fewer than seven follicles! I think you are getting too hung up on numbers - maybe it's an American thing because here in Europe I have not seen the same sort of attempts made to get huge numbers of follicles (which incidentally I don't believe is good for your body anyway). Good luck!

Cath has a great point - try not to worry too much about the numbers. And besides, there's always a good chance they missed a few in the counting. Those suckers are known to hide.

i only looked up the wikipedia entry for "crazy stupid love" and want to throw things and, well, not cry, but scream. no way am i seeing this, hormonal or not.

I'm sorry about your less than desired start... but as Shannom mentioned, it's not uncommon to have a couple more crop up during a cycle. And I know that you've been doing everything in your power to impact quality, so you have that going for you! But the process sucks, and if you want to scream & cry, you do just that!!!

It's really the quality of the follicles. On the day I had an unsuccessful IVF with young donor eggs, my doctor did a transfer for an older woman (41?) with "only" 5 of her own follicles. She got twins. I guess what I'm saying is you never know. I did later get pregnant with frozen embryos which has a lower success rate than live embryos, which is again saying you never know...
Best of luck to you!

Cath, Shannom, BB and JJ are all exactly right ...

I know the numbers are a huge disappointment ... and maybe the movie wasn't the right one for you to see (what with having hormones injected into your body and making everything a bigger deal than it is)

... and maybe today is just one of those bummer days ... but today is temporary. Right now ... is temporary ... your soul-journey is way bigger than right now.

Sending you love and healing energy.

i can really empathize--i know that it is a struggle now but it will work- the acupuncture, herbs, and drugs--patience and belief are hard to hold on to RIGHT NOW...
this sounds nuts but i went to a meditation group last night at that yoga place on la brea. they talked a lot about compassion and kindness. compassion for yourself and others, and patience-just keep coming back to your center-how easy it is to get off track, easy enough to say, i know...

i also went to see crazy, stupid love sunday night to cheer myself up-it didn't work- only made me want to be in a relationship again even more- and eat more popcorn. i've just started again with the injections and am completely on a ridiculous hormonal roller coaster as well. remember you are not alone- you can scream and cry- and then try to meditate. i'm told it helps...i suppose its a work in progress, like everything else.

it will work out-remember patience and compassion-
sending good thoughts your way!

Had a wonderful conversation and a special synchronicity about you yesterday....I am a Realtor in Kansas City, had an open house and a favorite agent-- Kieonne-- came in wearing a "Lie to Me" cap. I, of course, was thinking of you and asked him where he got it and if he watched the show. Well lots of laughter and talk happened. It is indeed a small world.
I wish you a better day today. Have you looked at www.tut.com? Best.

Ahhh!!! That is wonderful synchronicity indeed! Its a small world, isnt it? And your story totally cheers me up. Thank you!

Sarah Fain

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