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Here's my problem. I think I'm a satisficer until the decision is made. But then I'm NOT satisfied and realize too late I'm a maximizer. This happens over and over. Being pregant at the moment, I have no doubt this means I'll go out and buy all kinds of stuff without doing proper research, then lay awake at night thinking about my regrets...

Is there a definition for someone who does tons of research, becomes too overwhelmed to make the decision, has someone else make the decision, and then is perfectly happy? Or who finally pulls the trigger because she can't stand to think about it anymore, and then is happy and can't figure out why there was so much drama associated with the decision?

Completely the opposite with parenting, now that the children are here. Whatever saves me time, makes my life easier, pleases the kids... I'm down with it. Immediately. Probably should do more research.

I think I'm a satisficer, but I do focus groups. I drive my friends crazy, I research, talked it out, look some more and then do it... At least that was with this house. I knew what I could afford, wanted, neighborhood.. and looked and looked and looked some more.. I found it and made a decision quickly.. even when my friends were ""Are you crazy?", Now they agree with me.

One thing that I do ask is "Would I be happy if I didn't do it?" That answer guides me.

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