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"What have you given up to make your life better?"
Well, I gave up exercise, and now my life is much better. :) Alright, alright, seriously... um... hmmm... I suppose the one thing is that about 7 years ago I decided to be a "healthy vegetarian". Now, I've been a vegetarian for around 15 years, give or take. But, for a long time, I would eat things that were meatless, but by no means healthy. (eg: Fries, chips, that kind of thing.) When I became more health-conscious, I lost a little bit of weight, but more importantly, I'm sure my insides were thankful. No clogged arteries for moi! At least, not at the hands of Ronald.

"Healthy vegetarian"-- I like that. I wish I were ready to give up all meat-- it's SO much healthier and better for the environment. But I am thinking of tackling a year of no red meat, or a year of no sugar. I can't decide which. Red meat would be easier, because I don't eat it that often. But sugar would be better in the long run, 'cuz I'm such a sugar fiend. Something to mull... and maybe write a post about...

Yo S,

What if... you could give that year back...and worked out for a year doing a shit-ton-of-exercise and gym 101...would you have done it?

Just a thought...I'm going to pick up some weights tonight to honor this conversation...and I believe both ways work the best...when they are done together...

Peace - 22

How right you are, 22! Yes, I also spent a lot of time in the gym with my fabulous trainer Rita... as well as Pilates and hiking. It's the whole eat-less-move-more paradigm, although I think it should really be eat-BETTER-move-more...

As I've been lucky enough to eat one of your home cooked meals, I can most definitely vouch that your rosemary potatoes are better than McDonald's french fries. Dee-licious.

Cooking Light magazine will change your life. There is this recipe for a Greek salad in this month's issue -- and I don't even LIKE Greek salad. Great portion sizes (you feel like you're actually eaten something) and very yummy. We've rarely had a bad meal out of that publication.

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