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Well, I would agree that you have three OF the best dogs in the world. However, I think its a non-sequiter to suggest that through self-reflection and some kind of independent, intellectual audit of possibilities one would choose to be a republican. (My republican friends hate it when I say things like that.) And, give yourself a break on the find-a-guy-and-get-married thing. You haven't been available. Even though you're more attractive than most of the leading actresses on your shows you've been hiding it for years. I love your trainer and your devotion to buffing up. And you're getting out of the long sleeved shirts and oversized clothes. You are really looking like the beautiful woman you are. So give the lucky guys a chance to find you. I'm really proud of you and the things you are doing. You have remarkable energy and talent. Please, relax and let things happen for you.

I would like to add to your Great Things in Life List: Hats. You have really great hats.

Reasons 3-5 are, in themselves, quite awesome. (Video wasn't playing too well for me. But, from what I saw, you're dogs are adorable.)

@Dad: That is quite possibly one of the sweetest things I've heard in a long time. :)

Yes, my dad is a sweetie. And thanks, Kate! Yours is the first comment I've gotten from someone who's not a friend or family. You've made me feel like a successful blogger!

@Sarah Fain: My pleasure. :) Families are funny, aren't they? On my first blog, my sister was the first to post a comment!

As for being a "successful blogger", well, you have a leg up that a lot of bloggers don't: not only are you passionate about what you're writing about, ... but you actually are a writer! I look forward to reading more articles to come, and I'm going to send the link to a couple friends as well. Take care.

Yo S,

Do you think you could copyright you stuff at Chateau Marmont...the lawyers might think your nuts...just a thought!

Big Smiles - 22

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