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well, well, well, so you wonder how to be a parent! Every parent did and is still asking that question. Stop! They dont come with instructions and neither will yours. Its all a Good Luck chance. Lots of people must raise a child alone for various reasons, and they are married! Since we all live in a world with other people, you just need to have friends and family. Surely you have a few of those. No one knows if they will be sick, jobless, bored, or hate the kid. Usually if you are just a little normal it works out. So, are you normal? Probably. You have a list of worries that would overwhelm the Pope, Sister Teresa, and Billy Graham. Forget them!!!!!! Act like you got drunk, met a terrific guy, jumped in the sack for a real blast, and are now pregnant. What are you going to do with the kid? Its not going to have a father, you dont know if he was even smart, will you get morning sickness, will the dollar drop, what if he only likes cherrios, will the dogs babysit? See, always something. Forget it all, it happens!!!! Just be sure you jump into a clean sack or legal deal. YOU will find you dont want to give them back, no matter what.

A horrible stepmother.

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