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wow. I had no idea. you're going to be an awesome mom. also, since you'd clearly be great as an adoptive mom, I think it bears mentioning that actually being pregnant is somewhat overrated. :)

thank you once again for sharing.....you will be a wonderful mother.
simply wonderful.

Yo S,

I went to China 5 years ago with a bunch of spoiled high schoolers of mine...and I took them to an Autism School...so see what it was like to be raised in a non-traditional U.S. setting.

Here's a link of the video that was made by my kids from the trip:

I made the kids edit what we taped that day...but I also made them go to a Chinese version of Juilliard... it's amazing how they connect to the things they relate too...I guess we're all little like that!

Peace - 22

I remember when you told me about her the first time, soon after you returned. I've wondered about the resolution to that... I'm sorry it was painful.

I was thinking about you the other day again because my neighbors just adopted two boys from an orphanage in Ethiopia, and will fly to pick them up next week. The mom was standing on my porch the other day, talking about the experience, how they watched all the other families (who were higher on the list) get kids before them, and think, "What if we'd known what to do earlier? If we'd had our acts together, maybe we'd have those twin baby girls, or that other little boy." And then she paused, and said, "But then we think that maybe this worked out for a reason, and we were meant to have *these* boys."

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