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No, they don't know what to do, because nutritionists, scientists, the media, everyone has been telling us to do the absolutely wrong thing. Low fat, 1250 calories a day, starvation diets, which do not work. And when they don't, guess who gets blamed? The fat person, for her lack of willpower and discipline! Have you read Good Calories, Bad Calories, by Gary Taubes? It has changed my life.

Great post, Sarah! I think the fact that nutrition class isn't mandatory in public schools is absolutely outrageous. (Same goes for basic economics but I digress.) Can't wait to read the next installment.

I haven't read that, but I am ordering IMMEDIATELY-- thanks, Elizabeth.

Yo S,

I think you hit out of the park with this portion...

"...it doesn’t help that most Americans have no concept of appropriate portion size. We are the culture of bigger-is-better. That’s changing, but very, very slowly. Combine that with our stressed-out, over-worked lifestyles, and the multitude of root causes of emotional triggers for over eating… Of course there’s an obesity problem."

...it would be so cool to have Adult Recess implemented into our schedule....just a thought.

Peace - 22

22, adult recess is a BRILLIANT idea! And at least one study has shown that adults who take naps have less heart disease-- so I think we should institute a recess/nap time combo. Turns out we really had it right when we were kids...

I find it hilarious that people sneer when you just mention healthy food. It's like the mention of it will contaminate them or something. :) But, I definitely agree that the foods you're raised around effect and mold your tastes and preferences. In fact, re-training yourself can be a bit of a challenge.

I'm very much a black and white person, though. I found that telling myself something was off-limits and unhealthy worked for me... I'd avoid it like the plague. At first it certainly took more time, thought, and effort to "eat healthy", but now it's second nature to me. I've also become a little more reasonable on some things that I wasn't in the past, which I think has helped me be more balanced.

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