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I love this show too, but one thing that has always fascinated me is how pretty much NO ONE ever says "Eh...[insert Bachelor/Bachelorette name here] isn't really my type...thanks but I'm out!" As statistically improbable as it is that 3 out of 30 would be chomping at the bit to propose after a 2 month courtship...doesn't it seem even MORE statistically unlikely that all of those men would be all that interested in the first place?!

PS have you seen "Dating in the Dark"? People actually say what they are thinking! It's magical (and my new obsession)

Ok, I know you think this is real. HOWEVER, these men were taken to a jewelry store to meet with Neil Lane, who ABC flew to Hawaaii. They HAD to buy rings. And I'm sorry, but Kipton seemed flat out relieved to me. As for Reid... I really like him. But if he shows up as the next bachelor, I'll be convinced his whole return was staged. They went so out of their way to say it wasn't staged that I was even more suspicious than usual.

I'm not even sure this is about men wanting women that other men want, as I don't think a lot of those guys wanted her. I think it's about them wanting to WIN. It's a GAME SHOW.

Having said all that, I do think Ed and Jillian make a nice couple.

Okay, Nat, I'll check out Dating in the Dark! Yes, it's CRAZY that all those men are interested. Which, I suppose, is why Wes was so real-- in a disgusting, detestable way. He wasn't there because he was so into Jillian, he was there because he was so into himself.

Liz! How can you doubt Reid's love???? Yes, the Neil Lane thing was absurd, and the situations that these guys are put in definitely guide them toward proposal. But I think they let Reid come back because they thought she might actually pick him, thus great drama. And then I think they spent so much time on it because they're going to try to get him to be the next Bachelor. This is my theory, anyhoo.

I love this idea, Sarah! I think it'd be pretty easy to find the right guy to hire and whammo! you're in business. Definitely. And I'm not just saying this because I want you to be the guinea pig/test subject. Well, okay, I kinda am. But it's only because I want you to be happy and then for you to send me all of your rejected suitors/actors so I too can find myself a man.

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