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I may start a sarah fain fan club. really loved this post particularly, since I can relate to the alzheimers story (though my dad was diagnosed more like five years ago). The big spin-around experience for me was the summer I spent teaching english in mexico city right after I graduated from college -- I was totally homesick and isolated, in culture shock from being surrounded by poverty and pollution, and realized that the only times I didn't feel completely freaked out were when I was writing (letters, my journal, whatever fiction I was working on at the time). That's when I decided to pursue writing as a full-time career...

Yo S,

Have you ever attempted to look at the spinning the same way a gymnast or dancer does...I think they pick a spot on the wall every once in a while...and they make sure they perform during all the amazing spinning that happens...your 10.0 is coming Ms.!

Big Smiles - 22

Came here from the Happiness Project site link and am enjoying reading through your posts. A couple have really hit home. I have a great husband and we have been trying for a while to have a baby, just taken the next steps to seek treatment to help us along - and this has its own stresses, even though I do have a partner. Your post on knitting the orange jumper for WP's baby brought tears to my eyes. This post is also touching home - my husband's dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers around the same time that his Mum was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. We lost her last August and Matt's Dad is in a home and not making much sense these days. I hope soon to take a leaf out of your book and use these things to get on track, but right now it all just seems too much (she says while eating chocolate!). Will continue to enjoy reading about your journey - thanks for sharing.

JSF-- Thanks for reading! Alzheimer's sucks, doesn't it? My mom is doing really well, still, but just knowing what's coming is tough. I think it all comes down to the old 'you can't take care of anyone else until you take care of you' thing. And sometimes, taking care of you means having some damn chocolate!

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