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Just be careful... apparently it's addictive! Saw this article the other day, and, though I didn't get to read through it, thought you might appreciate it: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32360929/ns/today-today_health/

As for movie quoting: Though I just quoted one in another comment, lol :D, I'm not an "incessant" movie quoter. But, there are some I make a happy exception for. And, The Princess Bride is one of them. So many great lines. Classic... no, "inconceivable". :)

So how are you going to have your baby? Is it adoptions, insemination, surrogate, or the old fashion way?

One thing babies need along with a mommy is a male influence, you know to balance the yin and yang thing. So you should be interviewing your friends for compatibility for a good uncle, or big brother role for your baby. Plus, it would give you a well deserved break now and then.

Good luck, you are about to embark on a journey where the rewards are bountiful.

I'm trying not to over-comment (you should see how much I talk in person!), but I just wanted to say congratulations. That's going to be one very lucky, very loved kid! And aren't you glad you have all these friends and strangers ready to give you more advice about it than you could possibly follow?! ;-)

Thank you for sharing your journey. I'm 36 with no prince charming in sight and considering the same options that you are. I'm not quite ready to start one process or the other, but expect to within the next two years. Its nice to be able to follow someone else's experiences as I don't personally know anyone that has gone through insemination or adoption. I've always said that life would be pretty great if I could just self-pollinate!

Hey Sarah,
I actually enjoyed this post. I'm writing about a couple who wants to adopt and I haven't the slightest. I also might want to walk down this road someday and would appreciate a glimpse.

In my research, I came across this article:
written by some dufus, and if you scroll down, there are blogs by adoptive parents if that helps.

All the best!

Okay, I have to respond in one big lump!

Lilia, I bookmarked the 100 Best Blogs for Soon to Be Moms link. And I'm going to forward it on to my pregnant writing partner, too, who I'm sure will appreciate as much as I do...

Suzanne-- What's UP with Prince Charming? He must be on drugs somewhere. But it's okay, we're fine without him. Self-pollination would make it all a lot easier, though, wouldn't it? And thanks for reading-- here's hoping The Journey doesn't end with me screaming and pulling out my hair and running off to Tibet...

Rebecca-- No such thing as over-commenting! (Well, maybe there is, but you're nowhere close to there.) I'm actually surprised by how much I appreciate and enjoy hearing everyone's stories and input. This blogging thing is pretty cool...

And Angelina-- This is an issue that keeps me up at night. My dad's around and wonderful, and I have great male friends, but I really do wish I had a brother right now. I am really going to have to work to create strong male relationships for a child, because you're right, it's REALLY important.

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