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You should NEVER let go of the "yeah, you" dream. I saw Julie/Julia last night, and Julia was 40ish when she met the love of her life. And it seemed just as good as if she'd been 17. In the movie, anyway.

I love Sixteen Candles in a deep, deep way. But don't you think Sam would have gotten sick of Jake in less than six months...? Just sayin'....

Frankly, Liz is right. I always thought Jake seemed pretty darned dull. Hot, yes. But without much of a personality. (I think I dated him in college. Swear to God.) I mean, he doesn't think feeling up drunk girls is cool--which indicates he's capable of some basic moral reasoning--but Sam totally deserved better.
I know it is hard to believe, but your Jake is out there somewhere. And when he finds you, hopefully he'll be a little more like the Geek in the end (funny, smart, entrepeneurial, and chummy with John Cusack). Only more grown up. And without the headgear.

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