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I gave up sugar when I was working really hard to lose weight for my best friend's wedding. Sugar is in EVERYTHING. I ended up using honey and a few other natural alternatives (I hate Nutrasweet and Splenda and the whole chemical sweetner family) and was able to do it, but it took weeks for my body to adjust and for me to stop feeling crazy and panicky about it. Good luck!

Not that I want you to lose track of your goals, but is the goal to give up ALL sugar, or just sweets? Perhaps salad dressing is fine (in moderation), but cupcakes aren't. Sometimes if a goal is too steep, it's easy to deem it impossible and give up. For example, I tried no drinking during the week. Between happy hours, kickball games, birthdays, dining out, and just being 25 years old, I was quick to deem it impossible about 10 days in.

Setting that to "only drink 1 weeknight" has been much better for my well being and gut, since I now get to pick one of those occasions to guzzle a couple beers (and the rest of the nights - it's ice water or Diet Coke for me, as I try not to be a buzzkill for my amigos). And while treating yourself doesn't really work (see Gretchen Rubin's blog), it feels like a bit of a treat to pick the best event to receive my weekly "drink ticket."

Then again, you seem much more goal-oriented and focused than I am, given your fulfilling career and weight loss success year-to-date, so maybe I'm just a big, weak baby. :)

Man, that’s rough. Do you have to avoid ALL sugar – as in, all carbs? Or just added sugar? Because Trader Joe’s makes great peanut butter without any added sugar (you have to shake it up, then stir it with a knife – I love to eat it with raisins for lunch – or on an apple, a classic!), and Bionaturae makes great jams without added sugar. It’s actually fun to eat this way (to me, at least) – serve yourself up a steak or salmon filet with a big bowl of strawberries or blueberries! I loooove fruit and can polish off a whole bag of cherries in two days or less. If you have to give up naturally occurring sugars, though, I say the whole thing is a racket. ;-)

My husband brought me home a present today – a DVD of that thing you work on that we don’t talk about, but that gives many people a great deal of escapist pleasure! I was a very happy girl, even though our daughter was yelling “Mine! Mine!” in the background. (We got to the “Yay, she talks!” place, and now we’re like “Oy, she talks!” No, really, we’re psyched, but no one tells you that the ability to talk to your child does NOT come with the ability to reason with her!) So, thank you for the best episode of that-thing-you-do from last season (which was written by you and WP), and for the great ones you’re creating this season. Not only do I appreciate being able to escape into an alternate reality, but that particular thing-we-don’t-talk-about touches on some real issues and is very cathartic for those of us who had less-than-stellar childhoods. My kid is so lucky – the worst thing she has to fear is that one day I’ll snap and say, “No, that bear is MINE!” and go hide on the couch for a five-minute time out of my own (I’ve also been tempted to throw food BACK at her. But since I clean it up no matter who does the throwing, I try to maintain my composure.) My writing background is in literary fiction, where the trend right now is very much on the “exotic” – stories from different parts of the world. It seems like your industry is the place where I can find stories I relate to – it’s the home for stories about women, relationships, families.

So, good stuff. :-)

Cathi-- Sugar really IS everything. I love it. But I think it'll be good for me to learn how to live without it for awhile... Good to know things will even out in a couple weeks!

Val-- This goes back to the whole abstainer or moderator thing that Gretchen Rubin talks about on The Happiness Project. I'm not good at moderation, so I have to completely abstain. Such a drag. I'm very jealous of your moderating abilities...

Rebecca-- First, thanks for watching that episode of that thing we don't talk about! It'll be interesting to know what you think of the first episode of this season, which WP and I wrote. Deals with some of the same issues, though in a completely different way. As for the sugar! I'm avoiding pretty much all sugar for a couple of weeks, and then I'll start having fruit again and just keeping my fructose intake as minimal as possible ( like 25-35 grams a day). We'll see how it goes... I'll be flexible if I have to be. Apparently cherries are terrific for you, and have very little of the bad sugar, so eat away!

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