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hilarious. thanks very much for the shout-out. if anyone out there is wondering, the missing footage re: a downside of pregnancy, was: what it did to my tummy, physically, as in what my stomach now looks like from the outside. we could've shot video of it, but some things, once seen, cannot be unseen. sigh. but it's all good! there's a lovely essay called "Real Me" in a cool book of essays called "Child of Mine" -- it was written by a mom who compared her post-child body to her daughter's beloved, battered and much-repaired teddy bear, which had been worn apart and re-made by love.

@Melinda: That sounds adorable. I'll have to find that and share it with my sisters... (3 kids each!).

A $14,000 purse... kudos to you. I couldn't have even picked it up!

Funny video, btw. Look forward to more.

Kate-- First, thanks for offering to help with the Twittermoms widget. I know not a thing about html, but I'm decent at tinkering, so I kinda figured it out!

The purse was so crazy it wasn't even tempting... but I really am still thinking about the coat. Which I am NOT going to get.

@Sarah Fain: No worries. :) Glad you figured it out. (More kudos for "tinkering", btw!)

Ha! I love this video.

$14,00 purses. On what planet?

What I loved about being pregnant was how powerful I felt. I thought, this is why men throughout history have gone to all the trouble to create elaborate justifications for our subjugation, because we can do this, and they can't. We can make life with our bodies out of basically nothing.

On a more prosaic note, morning sickness sucks. I lived on shrimp dumplings for more weeks than I care to remember.

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