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You definitely sound positive and hopeful. It is nice that you get to take the time to consider what's going to be best for you and your "future kid".

Very happy for you, whichever route you choose to go! Thanks for sharing the journey with us. :)

You won't be alone. You have friends and family who will be there throughout the process; who will act as aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, advisors and wet nurses (of a sort)...and bad influences all around. (At what point can we offer the kid her first beer? I promise it'll be quality stuff.) Call me if you need anything!

So glad you had that conversation with your friend's friend, and that you now know you can do it!

And yes, you are lucky to be able to ask those questions :-).

Sarah, it’s wonderful to hear you sound so confident and so cognizant of all the amazing things you and this kid will have on your side! No matter what (and this is what I remind myself on bad days), you will always be in the top 10% of luckiest people in the world – American, educated, successful, healthy. It’s nothing to sneeze at – just be grateful and make the most of it!

Of course, now you MUST go and watch my favorite feminist fairytale, “Baby Boom” (written by Nancy Myers [!] and Charles Shyer, released in 1987), to see how Diane Keaton did it in shoulder pads! (Eh, you might want to throw in a rousing revival of “Working Girl” just for good measure.) :-)

This is VERY EXCITING! Glad the lunch went so well. Rock on with your Mom Self. Love m.

Congrats on your new revelation! How intoxicatingly exciting! Kids help US to grow in ways we wouldn't otherwise. Best wishes on your journey! And, when junior gets old enough to raise the hair on the back of your neck...we hope you join us at Kidlutions: Spin-Doctor Parenting blog! Cheers!

I clicked here through The Happiness Project. I don't know if you are looking for help with the pregnancy vs adoption decision, but for me, pregnancy was a highlight of my life, 3 times. In fact, we had originally agreed to only have two kids and one of the big reasons I wanted to go on and have a third is so I could experience pregnancy again.

It's like no other experience. Especially the middle trimester. Yeah, you're nauseous the first trimester and feel like a whale at the end, but in between those times you always have the baby with you, wiggling and kicking, and you're constantly wondering who s/he is and planning and dreaming of the future.

Giving birth was wonderful too. Especially at home. You feel so strong and connected to the earth and life.

Then the newborn period. It's so precious and it passes in a blink. I think with many adoptions you get the baby later, right?

Now, I'm not against adoption. We've considered it. I just wanted to share a bit with you about pregnancy and childbirth. You'll find more at my blog. It's one of my favorite topics.

Best wishes, and do get that doula! :)

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