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Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and your writing. I think its very couragous of you to be so real and to put your life out there for everyone to see. I have hope that you will meet your someone special and that you will become a mommy.

I can relate to your situation in the fact that I'm single (still a little bit young though, I'm in my 20's). I certainly get a lot of questions from my family about being single, but I always try to keep in mind that someday I won't be single and won't be able to enjoy the positives of this lifestyle.

But anyways back to you! I read your post about your favorite blogs yesterday and the Happiness Project blog is also a favorite of mine (its how I found this site!). I thought I would share a link with you to an interesting post written by Leo Babauta on Zen Habits about parenting.


Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading your posts-- keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,

woops *courageous

Sometimes life is so funny. Here I am, with a wonderful husband and kid, and right about now, your life (and tree house) sounds pretty awesome. (Except, I don’t like sleeping alone either. For me, it’s ghosts. My dad covered my eyes and let me listen to Poltergeist when I was little. Of course, what I imagined was worse than anything Hollywood effects could ever cook up.) You own a home – um, we haven’t gotten there yet, between my husband’s monumental DVD collection, my lack of discipline in turning down a sushi delivery menu, and a few financial rough spots. I think it goes without saying that you have the coolest job in the world. And, I can only guess, but – do you occasionally get to sleep late? Because with a kid, you NEVER do. There are no days off, no vacations, no sick days. And sometimes, your beloved kid will bounce a fish stick off your face after a long day of work, and all you can think is, “Where’s my martini? Or my hour with a good book and some QUIET?”

I think you’re very smart to plan on having a nanny. Because what every successful woman needs is a wife. I know I’m paraphrasing someone else’s deep thought here, but it’s true! My husband does an impressive amount of the wifing around our house – pretty much all of the dishes, most of the cooking (er, defrosting/microwaving), and all of the laundry (what?! I’m allergic to our moldy basement!). Meanwhile, I work a zillion hours as a freelance writer, and he has a full-time job, too. But still, we’re always looking around the kitchen as if there should be some magical third person —Mary Poppins? The stoic-yet-warm mom from Little House on the Prairie? — who can turn our chaotic family life into some kind of ordered, sensible peace. So far, no sightings yet.

So, you may be saying good-bye to the era of your life spent in your happy little house and exchanging them for something messier, wilder, more confusing, with bigger highs and lows. Fortunately, there’s a reason why people keep having more of these frustrating little munchkins: they’re so ridiculously cute! (If you don’t believe me, check out my Facebook page. Fair warning, though – my daughter is so irresistible she may make your uterus whine. Good thing, too, because she is a champion dinner-thrower!)

Thanks for giving us something wonderful to read and react to!

I came across your blog today via the Happiness project and I have to say that I love your writing style. I'm in LA too so I like the local references.

And the other reason I'll probably check your blog on occasion is because I'm going through IVF right now, with a donor egg. There are many tough decisions to make when you don't start a family in traditional ways. In the meantime, I hold onto adoption booklets because that could still be an option.

Best of luck to you!

And I have to agree with Rebecca, you seem to have a pretty wonderful and enviable life.

Samantha, thank you for the link to the article. I added ZenHabits to my daily rss feeds. It's a really terrific article-- I hope others click on it as well.

Rebecca-- Excellent points (and I have to admit, my life is pretty great, just in different ways that I was expecting!) The fish stick bouncing off the face made me laugh out loud...

Winona-- I'm sure starting a family is daunting for many people, but it's definitely more daunting and a lot harder logistically (and mentally) when you can't just have a lot of great sex with a spouse and BOOM be pregnant. (This is why starfish are so damned lucky.) Thanks for reading, and for commenting. I wish you loads of luck as you start your family! Best, Sarah

Saying goodbye to a house is hard because you're saying goodbye to a home, and for the all the reasons you are leaving it. When everything was packed and the moving truck had gone and my house was empty I lay down on the floor of my walk in cupboard upstairs and cried my eyes out holding the front door key in my hand. I thought I'd left my soul there, but I hadn't because home comes with you to your new place.

I just found your blog at the Happiness Project and I love it!

Yo S,

I haven't chatted back in a while and it looks like your blog has sparked a fire! I find it amazing that so many people can connect with you experience...and I am pondering the thought of "...if a child of mine read this blog...18 years from now...and it was their Mom behind the forum...What would they think and feel..."

Just a thought for your next entry...


Thanks, Conroy. You're so right. I remember when my mom sold the house I grew up in, it was absolutely crushing. I really felt like I'd lost a huge part of my childhood. But, as you say, home comes with you-- and thank goodness it does.

Hey, 22-- I wonder about that too. My guess is he or she will think-- my mom is a total hypocrite for being such a stickler about grammar!

And thanks, Ana!


Found your blog from Gretchen's recommendation at the Happiness Project. Guess what? I'm 37, I'm successful, I'm single, and I've also wondered about having a child on my own, without a man. Except that I live in Singapore where society is more conservation and I'm not strong enough to go against the grain.

Are you planning to be a single mum or are you waiting to find a partner first? I share your thoughts - having a baby is way easier if we didn't have to worry about finding a spouse first!

Lovely post...

I just left my dream home, 3 acres, 50 huge trees, hammock in the back yard, great place for my 3 kiddos to play, etc, and moved into the city so we would be closer to my hubby's work and we would have 2-3 more hours a day with him. I am still mourning for my house.

You know what, Sarah?
I married my high school sweetheart at 19 & got divorced at 37. The grass may SEEM greener, but you are exactly where you're supposed to be. Everyone's path is different, & while you may wish to be me (the married part, not the divorced part), I could wish to be you (college, career part). But my path brought me to my current life and I wouldn't trade a thing. I understand the issue of wanting kids & wondering what the right thing to do is, but I think you're smart enough to figure that out yourself. I really enjoy reading your blog though. Thanks for being so honest. Good luck!

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