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Damn dogs. I'm glad everyone's (relatively) OK.

Oh!! Poor puppies!!

Aww! Poor babies! :( Is this the first fight they had?

You will be a great mom.

Oh sweetie that's awful. I'm just glad you weren't in the middle of it too. The only two injuries I've had in the past 40 years were the two with dogs in the last three years, and Zina got hurt in those too. And then there's my Moose knee from this year ...

Call me when you get a chance - we need to catch up, and I'll be out there for a week in early December, bringing my mother to visit the brother et al in Orange Co. Kisses to sweet pooches, but with seriously raised eyebrow as well.

I have been reading your blog for a few months now. During that time I have been amused by strange similarities in our lives. We're both 38 and single. We both love our dogs as family. We both have/had interesting Hollywoodish careers. We both have/had to suffer solo through ultimate wine country weddings. Yep, except for the whole wanting a baby thing, we have a lot in common. (As differences go I know that's a big one since it is the theme of your blog. Apart from that, though, I can mostly relate to you, so I continue reading.) And then today I read of your dog plight and I have an eerie feeling the Tivo of Life has taken itself off pause and you are living my life on tape-delay. Mine has been a dog house divided for 4 YEARS. You see, I have the sweetest 200 pound dog. Everyone who meets him loves him. Everyone except his 80 and 65 pound brothers. As I am unable, in my singleness, to disentangle 345 pounds o' dog when they decide to brawl, my dogs remain separated. Permanently. Having lived with this segregation so long, I am strangely acclimated to constant dog shuffling. Only when I have new visitors am I keenly aware of how odd my home life has become. People marvel at one dog knocking on the door when it's his turn to come in followed by the other 2 hastily retreating when they hear the command "Bedroom." (The really impressive part is often overlooked; the dogs have two choices and 9 times out of 10 they choose the correct bedroom.) You don't know me and I'm sure you get more than your fair share of unsolicited advice. But if you are even the slightest bit open to learning from the errors of strangers, heed this: do everything you can to get your dogs to get along as soon as is safely possible. Trust me.

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