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It's good to read that change can happen - gradually.

Sometimes the worst days are just part of a plot arc you can't see yet! I know some of my worst moments had hugely positive and unanticipated consequences (and I'm not one of those everything-happens-for-a-reason people). Can I just say again how brave I think you are for writing this super-honest blog? You're racking up karma points.

What came out of this shitty day was a manifestation of your goals and commitment: Skip McD's? Check. Skip sugar? Check. What a momentous occasion! This bad day could have taken things off track, but it didn't. And that, to me, makes it a pretty successful day and momentous occasion. Congratulations! And chin up, sister!

Thanks, ladies! It was really nice waking up to find these kind, thoughtful comments waiting for me.

Kat, Your comment reminded me of a beautiful book of short stories by Grace Paley called "Enormous Changes at the Last Minute." That's the kind of change that scares me... Lately, I'm all about slow and steady!

Rebecca-- You take me to another Zen parable, which I won't go into, but the upshot is "You never know what's good news and what's bad news." I remind myself of that A LOT.

Val-- Thank you for turning my awful day into a victory! My chin is definitely higher.

"You never know what's good news and what's bad news." I like that! It's been very true in my life recently. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah, you are awesome and everyone who really knows you really loves you. Believe it or not, I'm going to quote Thom, who in his Larry-David-esque ability to shrug things off, does have some wisdom to offer after a sucky event/sequence of events: "Chalk it up to experience." In other words, forgive yourself, and even forgive yourself for temporarily feeling bad, because it's natural to feel bad sometimes. (Otherwise you actually are Larry David.) hugs, m.

Thanks, M! I will chalk it up! XO

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