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As someone who's been through all the testing, I just wanted to say: congratulations, because that IS a spectacular FSH level!!! This baby is so coming.

yay! fabulous!

Um, "conception partner" was not in Wikipedia... Is this the PC term for sperm donor or is it something else... Google is failing me.

I'm happy for you!
I need to take that first step as well, just find out if everything is fine in a physical way, before I can move to the next step.

So exciting!!! I'm sure you'll have many happy days ahead, because you have that gift -- being able to actually enjoy the good days. (It's nothing to sniff at -- about half the planet is trying to have good stuff in their lives, and the other half is trying to enjoy the good stuff they already have.) I'm sure you'll pass this trait on to the vey lucky kid in your future! :-)

I've been enjoying your blog, takes me back to when I made the decision to become an SMC a few years ago. You know what cemented my decision? A question asked by an SMC-tryer who was a few years older (I was 36 at the time) and having problems conceiving (she has a beautiful daughter now!). She asked, in 5 or 10 years, are you going to regret not being a mother? If you've always known you want a child, don't wait to find the right guy or have everything in your life be just perfect. Do it now, you'll make it work. She was right. It took a few (unmedicated) tries and a couple of donors, but I now have a daughter, a husband, and a son, in that order. Life is full of surprises! Go for it. It's amazing how simply making that decision changes everything--for the better!

that is a GREAT number! woo-hoo! i got my numbers back last week (6.5 and 25), but i have yet to find the donor. bit of a hang-up. i've heard Cohen is an amazing ob/gyn. you're on your way! continued congrats!

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