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Wow, love the palm trees, don't have that at my side of the woods.
Some pics of MY park (where I go jogging) :-)

A change in your workout will be so good for you! For your body AND your mind.

So. I just spend ten minutes Googling, trying to find your blog. I randomly remembered it -- having read it months ago -- but I couldn't recall the actual NAME of the blog, so I was using keywords. I really wanted to rediscover your blog to find out what you had decided: adoption or in vitro? But now, looking through your posts, it looks like you're still thinking it over? I'm gonna bookmark your site so I can find you again when you DO make that decision. Happy to follow along!

Love your new "gym"! I think I might be more inspired to workout in a place like that, except for on the many rainy days we have here in Seattle.

The best change I've made lately has also been the hardest, which was to take a leave of absence from teaching and stay home with my son for this year. I went back to work part-time when he was 4 months old and did a child-care swap with my teaching partner. So I was either dealing with 26 fourth graders or 2 infants on any given day. Yikes. The whole thing was so stressful, and the options I had so limiting (either too much energy or money required and not enough of either coming in) that I decided to take time off to reevaluate things - and watch my son grow up, of course.

It's been incredibly challenging, but I think it was the best decision I could have made. I've learned a lot about myself so far, and when the year is up I hope to have set in motion some new life goals and made serious progress on my happiness project.

We'll see... :-)

Forgot to answer the question.
Two changes really
Made an appointment at a fertility clinic (4th November) and going back to school (9th November). I'm already starting to feel stressed out..

HUGE changes!!!! Congratulations! Youre doing The Active Thing, which is hard, but so exciting... And worth it! Cant wait to hear about your journey.


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