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Now how in the world can you worry about being a good mama after that? You knew what you had to do, remembered it in a time of crisis, carried through with it, (that's the hard part), and didn't let yourself collapse until all parties were safe. Take all of that, add your methodical and logical left-brain approach to challenges with the dogs, the baby, the house, etc., throw in your right-brain warm fuzzy love for all creatures great and small, and you're cooking up a recipe for a great mom, indeed.

Forgive all the mixed metaphors - no coffee yet. Point is, you rock.

I agree with Jennifer. Good job! What you are going through sounds uber stressful and difficult. But perhaps reminding yourself that Daisy actually prefers knowing where she stands in the hierarchy and having it consistently reinforced, even if she's not on top. At least according to what I've read, that's true. And, actually, it makes sense. I know I'd be stressed if my boss sometimes expected/let me call all the shots and other times she reprimanded me for doing so. Knowing where we fit in the universe can be very comforting. So, in the big picture, you are helping Daisy to feel safe and secure. But still, it can't be easy for you. Again, good job!

Oops, I knew something about that sentence seemed off. I meant to say that perhaps reminding yourself of that will help. Yikes, I need more coffee, too!

GO YOU!! There will be times when your baby is screaming her head off about having a toy taken away (or, in my case, the acorn cap my daughter insists on putting into her mouth with a sly grin, despite my repeated "no's"), and you'll need to tough it out for the kid's sake. You may have to yell to get him or her to stop walking into the street or hitting a sibling. And no parent likes clipping a child's fingernails, but if you can't sternly force your kid to sit through it, he or she will start sprouting Inigo Montoya-style scratches on the face.

You'll be amazed at what you're capable of when it comes to raising a child. Stuff will come out of your mouth that you didn't even know was in you! And the Tough Mommy Voice is a vital part of your toolbox.

Yes, well-done! Keeping your head about you in a whirlwind like that is pretty tough. I agree with Rebecca about the Tough Mommy Voice and will add to it that you are also certain to use your No Nonsense Look on many an occasion.

ha ha a mean voice will be great for voiceover work!! good luck!!!!

Yay mean voice! Supernanny would be proud.

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