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Uggs are wonderful, you should be so lucky to have so many.

I never play the "what if game" because the choices one makes is the one that brought them to this point in their life. What counts is the choices you make in the present. By all accounts reading your blog you've made some very clever choices which you'll continue no doubt. For what it's worth, I have confidence in you.

Although, I might exchange a few months of snow for the rain any day.

Today's post made me think about this book I just finished called "time of my life" by Allison Winn Scotch. The narrator has the "perfect" life but one morning wakes up in the past and has the opportunity to rethink all of her choices and live out her fantasties. It's an interesting read which made me think that sometimes it's just not worth looking back because we'd end up exactly where we are regardless of which road we took!

I love this post so much that I wrote an entire blog entry in response! http://thetigertrap.typepad.com/the-tiger-trap/2009/10/across-the-mirror.html

I do think sometimes about what might have happened if I went another route, but I have a pretty good life so it's worked out okay so far. All the bad things have taken me somewhere good.

I am thankful for my mistakes. Yes, it sucks that I stopped acting to go right off to college and get a corporate job, but now I know for sure the "straight-on adult life" isn't for me.

Sure, it blows that I spent a bunch of years with a mentally warped guy, but now I know myself better and all my relationships are better for it (I only have room for healthy people period these days).

Mistakes, probably. But ultimately helpful ones that helped give me a stronger sense of direction and purpose. So I embrace them.

Perhaps in some parallel universe, I'd be a movie actress or married with a kid living in Utah. But it's hard to imagine either.

Whew, I'm doing a lot of wondering what I'm doing here, as I just wrote in the blog that you and Rebecca inspired me to start:

I DO live in Seattle (or just east of it), and I have to say that while I love rain and wind and thunderstorms - OH, the thunderstorms we have in Michigan where I'm from! - I do not care for the constant drizzle. If it's going to rain, just freaking open up and let it pour! But no, it's just spitting on us for months. Nevertheless, it is entirely worth it for the magical summers we have or even the occasional winter blue sky that opens up the mountain views for me.

In any case, I'm pretty sure I was on the right path up until now. Not at all convinced I still am.

Thanks for making me think about it. I'm continually surprised at how much I have in common with people I've never met and whose lives seems superficially quite different from mine. The internet is a strange and inspiring place.

Strangely, I think my life has turned out exactly how I expected, if not a little bit better in unexpected ways. I made some mistakes, but overall stayed true to the path I'd envisioned for myself.

I'm glad to no longer be in California. I appreciate our thunderstorms, no longer freak out as much with tornado watches (we have a basement at last), and manage to be grateful for rain and even snow. At least until February, but I still wouldn't move back to L.A. Portland is calling to me.

Just to prove me wrong, the weather gods opened up the skies and it is pouring sheets of rain down on my roof right now. Words cannot explain how happy that makes me. The timing of it, the sound of it, the fact that I had to go out and get soaked in it. Life hasn't turned out how I'd hoped, but it's lovely after all.

Mmm, I broke out my Uggs yesterday. I hated Uggs for many years (think Paris Hilton wearing pink ones with short-shorts), but broke down a couple of years ago and bought a pair of my own for wintertime purposes. And I love them. I wear them around the house like slippers.

I digress.

My life is always taking little twists and turns. Out of college, I thought I'd do the starving artist/journalism route, working my way through the ranks of low-paying, low-gratification jobs - then I ended up working in a financial analyst role for a Fortune 50 company. And now I'm going to law school next year. Whoops.

I don't really ruminate on "what might have been," especially since I've learned that money really does make me happy (one of Gretchen Rubin's truths: What makes other people happy doesn't necessarily make me happy, and vice versa). It allows me to travel, take time off work, eat at wonderful restaurants, buy cute shoes, and most importantly, not worry about paying bills - all things that make me happy. So, while financial analytics aren't really my calling, I know this job affords me a life that I really, really love. I'm a little sad that I'm not exercising my writing chops on a daily basis, but I'll get plenty of that as a law student.

I'm glad for the diversions in life. For me, I don't like having a set plan, though I DO prefer when I get to decide those diversions - not when those diversions are decided by others or outside events. You just have to be "zen" about it, and go with the flow.

I know it's months and months after this post, and I'm not sure if you get updates on comments posted for such old posts, but the question at the end of this blog just hit me.

I must say, I'm only 23 years old, but my life has gone in a very different direction than I'd planned. If 17-year-old-me had his way, I'd be living in Arizona, well on my way to a successful career in psychology. Fortunately, by 18 I realized that I have way too many issues to sort through before I try to help strangers with theirs. All my life, though, I've want to write. And having been inspired by a show you actually used to work on (and its ilk), I particularly would like to write for TV.

But now I feel ancient (not in age but in spirit, and not in the good with-age-comes-wisdom way, more like the can't-teach-an-old-dog-new-tricks kinda way), and I'm unsure of how to move from my current location to the place I'd need to be to make a career in TV (both physically and mentally/emotionally).

But your blog, aside from addressing my concerns about ending up alone (not that I could legally marry the man of my dreams anyway), helps me to realize that I can do what I want to do, if I put in the work.

I'm reading your blog from entry 1, so it'll be quite a while before I read the post you're probably writing for today, but just to let you know, your October 15th blog from 2009 is still impacting people, even today.

So... thanks!

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