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Thanks for making me erase another "what if" from my list as well...

I'm sure you've read 'People Like That Are the Only People Here' by Lorrie Moore. Best evocation I've ever read of what it's like to have a kid with a serious illness. And in that hospital, the parents never crack. Of course maybe I'd be the first, if it were me.

Bad news for WP: She's a crier from here on out. My husband couldn't even get through THE DARK KNIGHT without losing it. *Anything* with a little boy in peril, or growing up, or just being sad... he loses it now.

Oh, and you're right with your answer. You do it because it's your kid.

WP here. I also cried numerous times in my child birthing class. Like one time I needed an actual kleenex to wipe my tears crying. I'm one big emotion. It's crazy. But good...I guess...?

It's just bizarre, Liz. Go read the children's book SOMEDAY. I can't get through it silently without crying. And there are certain songs: "I Hope You Dance" and a couple of other ones where I will just sob if I even think of the kids while I'm listening.

I feel so useless that I cant help you with any of these things. what are friends and family for if not to help? I guess that leaves it all up to you. Are you trying too hard? What part is really important? what part is just a what if? I guess that is why we live life, not just plan it. Start small on happiness, let it find its way. Do you know that a smile is as important as handing out food? Who have I looked at, really looked at, that needs a little something from me? What can I give someone that they need and I need to give? Dont make it too compllcated, life is really simple.

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