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What a great list, well-balanced between the fun and the seriously good aspects of your life.

I was prompted by a friend to write a blog post on Monday for my "Thankful Four" and could only pick four items. What I came up with: my family, health, education, and imperfection. The last one took me the longest, but I realized that the imperfections I struggle with in myself and in the world have made me a better and surprisingly happier person.

I, too, am grateful for terrific, enlightening blogs - like yours! Thank you.

I'm grateful for so many things including your blog! You really are inspiring! Happy thanksgiving.

I'm grateful for the internet! because I adore the internet and need and enjoy it above all reason (this also answers a question you posed several posts ago). However, I am even more grateful for health, family, friends, job, disposable income, income to begin with! southern california weather, my house and car and career, the ability to enjoy delicious food, (now we're getting into in-no-particular-order territory), great movies and TV, the reasonably functional perspective I am usually able to maintain, and my extraordinary extended group/support system of friends/colleagues/childcare providers who make it all possible and worthwhile... I've probably left some things out, but those are a start. happy thanksgiving and thanks for your wonderful blog, love m.

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