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Looks like a wonderful time!

Dancing at weddings is hit or miss for me, I love to dance so if the music is conducive to dancing-by-yourself-or-in-a-group kind of dancing, I'm good to go. But if it's only good for partner dancing, blech. One of my brothers got married several years ago and had a jazz band at the reception - lovely to listen to, but horrible for dancing. Worst wedding I've ever been to, for several reasons...and no surprise, he's not married to her anymore!

Pssssssst. Know what else couples do? They sit at home on Saturday night, slouched on the couch with laptops open, realizing for the millionth time there is *nothing* on cable and all the Tivo'd stuff was watched during the week. Could be the introvert in me.

I second Liz's comment about the jazz band at weddings, in that I agree it's terrible for dancing.

My complaint about weddings is that the band is usually so loud you can't talk.

As the T of TandM, I must emerge from the unblogosphere to say that it WAS an amazing day... amazing because we had such a beautiful collection of humanity celebrating life and love and one another (and of course, wine!) together.

You, Sarah, are an enormous part of that equation. We are constantly amazed and, yes, often even have conversations about your warmth, beauty, compassion, intelligence and overall awesomeness. Thank you for surmounting your single woman wedding insecurities to be part of our weekend. I can't tell you how much it pleases me to know it turned out to be the relaxing escape you needed and so deserved (which was, perhaps, part of our evil plan in luring you to Solage)...

And the overly ambitious boxing workout?! Do we need more evidence of your unbelievable coolness? I, for one, ALWAYS pack workout gear for weekends getaways and vacations and ALWAYS return home at the end of those trips not having to launder those items because they have never been used. Kudos to you on outstanding motivation and follow through!

And, my late weigh-in on your Thanksgiving post -- What am I currently MOST grateful for and just plain over the moon about?

You're OVULATING!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you. And know that you, too, will find your happiness. In whatever form you most wish it to arrive.

Hi Sarah! I found your blog today via Gretchen & The Happiness Project, and something about it 'clicked' with me, particularly this post. Last year I'd been dating a guy for 10 months before I discovered he wasn't necessarily aiming for marriage. Since I was (aiming, that is), it was a quite disorienting. A couple weeks later, one of my cousins got married, and while carpooling to the wedding with my parents, we had some discussions about where my life could be going. I came to what I felt was, for the first time, real acceptance of being single, and the possibility of remaining that way. Ye-ah...that lasted maybe a day, right up to bouquet toss (what a horrid tradition - I ducked out) and the dancing at the reception. Only little girls were on the dance floor, until my dad asked my mom to dance. It was such a touching moment! And once again, I was reminded of how in love they are and how much I do still hope to find that kind of love. So much for acceptance! A more recent thing that makes being single really suck? Christmas letters.

I am SO with you on the Christmas letters. Whenever I get one, I think, Do I REALLY have to read this? Also, your story about your parents dancing warms my cold, cold heart!

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