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I always have to have my slippers. I will always make room for them. I like having my feet comfortable in the evenings.

By in large I like to pack light, but the one item I always have is a carry on. I pack it with my items I can't live without in case my luggage gets lost or takes a different route than I do.

Have a great time at the wedding.

Running shoes! (In case there's something chasing me.)

Have fun this weekend! Eat, drink, be merry, and keep an eye out for any cute single guys--with whom you WILL flirt. Unashamedly, and without any particular intent, except for the fun of it.

You go, girl!

I am such an over-packer. But it freaks me out not to have options when getting ready in the morning. How am I supposed to know if day two of my business trip is going to be a "fat day" that my previously chosen outfit just wont cut it for?

Oh and I always have to bring my own hair dryer...even when the hotel provides one. Because have you noticed that hotel hairdryers have unreasonably short cords?

Reading material. More than one book, in case I don't like the one I'm reading. Magazines that I can rip apart and leave behind when they're done. Not that I travel much these days, but it's at those times that I think, "Yes, maybe a Kindle would be useful."

So true. My flights been delayed two hours, so I read the NYTimes on my Kindle, now Im reading The New Yorker on my Kindle, and when Im done with that Ill move onto The Nation, and then my plane book, the latest Patricia Cornwrell-- also on my Kindle! Talk about a space saver!


Sarah -- Sorry your flight was delayed. I'm guessing that means no winery tour today. Bummer! I have a friend (she knows who she is) who used to travel with a hair dryer AND a back up hair dryer. Makes me smile to remember those days.

I'm getting ready to pack the bag I'll take to the hospital when I have my baby--and I just know it's gonna be way over-packed. I'm already rationalizing bringing 2 robes (one warm, one cool) cuz as I've said... I love a good robe. Also, I think I should buy a NEW bag for the occassion. It just feels right. Right?

I'm lucky to even remember to pack stuff for myself when we go out of town. Once when our adult kids were young I packed all of them and my husband for a trip and forgot to pack ANYTHING for myself. Had to go shopping! :-)

Do you love your Kindle? I was contemplating the new NOOK by B&N. I think it would be awesome to have. I cannot sit still and just wait somewhere...I have to be doing something. I'm always yanking out my iPhone to check Twitter, or read the news etc.

Anyway. Have a safe trip Sarah and a good time!!

Yowch. Reading that list makes my arms ache. I travel light.

When you return, can you let us know which of those items you did NOT wear?

Ha! Good idea. Itll hurt, but yes, I will.


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