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You said it all right here--"Because only a crazy person wouldn't have doubts about having kids. It's a big deal. A big, fabulous, messy, amazing, wild, life-changing deal."

You are going to be a great mom. You already think, sound and act like a mom....We moms have a way recognizing each other and you're in the club. Can't wait to meet your baby in the future.

Blessings to you!


Yay! Was so excited to see this pop up in my RSS feed! Way to go! And thanks for taking us along for the ride :) We're all pulling for you!

Just amazing... Yeah, yeah, yeah.. A bit excited? Yes, I'm in sort of the same path, but now I'm dating someone which is making things a bit complicated... but decisions will be made in early 2010.. those eggs have expiration days after all.

Sarah, if you have had no boyfriend for a long while, why were you on the pill? Was there some medical reason?

Interestingly, your thoughts have made me ponder this: If I had a husband I would rather adopt, but if I had no husband, I would rather have a biological baby. I'm not sure why, but I will think more about it. The point is moot, because I am now too old for either. Hmmm.....at some point, time takes any option away from you. But you know that.

You have the most thought-provoking blog ever! Can't wait to see how everything unfolds, when these, the good ol' days, are the archives.

Seriously, your whole cycle craziness ... is the exact experience I had when I went off the pill a year ago. Really. I had no clue what was going on. According to those little ovulation sticks, I was ovulating like 3 days after my period. But luckily, it all calmed down after a few months, and I'm back with some kind of regularity. I think that's the thing about kicking the pill to the curb. Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. (Sorry, I've always wanted to sneak that into something I've written. LOL!)

The "when in doubt, do the more active thing" reminded me of something my mom just told me. She was a marriage & family counselor and when her clients would choose "homework" to do between sessions, she said it had to pass the Dead Man Rule: if a corpse could do it, you had to choose something else. A good reminder to be active. Thought that would give you a chuckle, too.

Hope you're feeling all better soon!

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