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Hey if you wore everything except 2 items I think that means you are NOT an over-packer. haha Sounds like you packed just the right amount.

How busy are you going to be now that they picked up the back 9 for Lie To Me?? Hopefully you can still have those work at home in your sweats days. Those are the best!

I've been known to take myself to Benihana for lunch on a suprisingly consistent basis. I usually read US Weekly (although I'm careful to look up and clap at appropriate moments so as not to offend the chef). It's a total break from life and makes me super happy. Sometimes I tell my husband I've done this. Sometimes I want to keep the memory of the Splash and Meadow Combo all to myself...

Wow Liz, I'm impressed/jealous. I feel uncomfortable even going into a McDonalds by myself. Horrible social anxiety.

Does eating fast food in your car by yourself counts eating alone? If it doesn't then I haven't eaten out alone in about 2 years. Flying Saucer, downtown Raleigh, at the bar. Good food, great beer, really lonely. Since then I've avoided eating out alone.

Glad you allowed yourself some sugary goodness on your weekend away.

i have no problem eating out by myself. i am into people-watching and it is entertaining to watch and occasionally eavesdrop on other conversations. plus i find the servers seem to be more attentive. maybe they feel bad for me but i don't! there is a big difference between alone and lonely.

i admit, now that i am on a hellbent mission to be credit card debt free, i don't eat out much anymore. the upside is that i REALLY appreciate a meal out like never before.

BTW that bread looks amazing!

as a total aside--recently, my parents went to italy and stayed in the country at a couple's b&b. i made my dad send me an email describing the 7 course meal. hmmm maybe i am a bit of a foodie. lol

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