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Feel better Sarah!

Three things that make me feel better when I'm sick:

1. Otter Pops
2. Nyquil...ah...the sweet sleepy spell
3. Nick Drake--his music always relaxes me

What are Otter Pops? I love them already, just from the name.

Otter Pops are basically sugar, water, food dye, and artificial flavoring all wrapped in a clear plastic tube, and frozen. I think they may have been popular in the 70s and 80s--they remind me of summer camp :) Urban Dictionary described them as: "crack on a summer day, only legal."

sarah, you must be feeling a teeny bit better to log on and share your sick-day shenanigans with us. thanks for the nice visual of your hairdo. i am picturing cindy or kate from the B-52's after a really rockin' party and hard sleep.

my mom always got me some ginger ale, fig newtons and a new book or magazine when i was a sick kid. i still wish for that when i'm sick! nothing heals like quality couch time. and yeah, the magic of chicken soup.

air hugs to sick bay patient.

Cook's Illustrated is trash? How can you even read it when you're barfy?

#10 is dead on. I left this comment on another friend's page: "You know you're a mom when surgery = vacation." Even then, it's no guarantee you'll get any real rest. It's all, "I might as well get up instead of having to sit here and listen to the chaos."

1. Not going to work

2. Lying on the couch and watching 3 movies in a row is acceptable

3. Ordering delivery is expected

4. Procrastination is allowed

5. Staying in bed until 5pm is also allowed

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