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I think I'm going to check out smitten kitchen because the swiss chard and sweet potato gratin sounds yummy. Mind you, I do not cook, but maybe I can talk hubby into making it for me. haha

Almost every holiday meal growing up for me was memorable. My grandmother was a wonderful cook and loved having the family all together for a meal. We would walk in the back door and she'd immediately ask "Did you bring your appetite with you?". Funny as my cousins and I got older that sounded so silly but I would have missed it had she not said it.

This year at our Christmas feast will be the first time in my 45 years of life that my grandfather will no be there to bless our meal. I just realized that. I'm thankful for wonderful holiday memories.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Sarah and thanks for your blog and all the things you share of yourself here.

Yum! Sounds like a delicious menu. I hope the day was as good!

This Thanksgiving I did something simple and amazingly wonderful -- I hired a "party helper" to clean up the kitchen while I and my 8 guests ate and talked and enjoyed each others' company. Oh, and I took care of my three-year-old daughter, who isn't always her best in larger groups. IT WAS AWESOME! Best $162 I ever spent, I'm sure. (Oh, and the brined Diestel turkey was pretty yummy too.)

Brilliant. We did that for a baby shower, and it does make all the difference. Takes all the bad stuff off your shoulders, and lets you enjoy the good stuff! Excuse me, I have to look to Diestel turkey...

I like the idea of a party helper but I really don't mind the clean-up. LOL

The one thing I do that simplifies my dinner is letting someone else cook the turkey. I have a really nice BBQ joint about a mile from me and they and the take orders for the most delicious smoked turkeys.

Not sure I ever want to cook a turkey again. That's one big worry off my mind.

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