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Uh oh. Do I have to tell? Candy Corn. It's small AND it has a healthy veggie in the name so it can't be all that bad right? Pure sugar. At least you were smart and went the no-sugar route.
I quit smoking 7 months and 40 less lbs ago so I know all about goodies magically ending up in the shopping cart....and then in my mouth. ARGH

I made a tres leches cake for a dinner party last Saturday. The remnants are in my refrigerator. Slathered in whip cream. Soaked in 3 different kinds of luscious and full-fat milks. The best cake I've ever made ... I was going to throw the remnants away on Sunday.

And yesterday I had an emotional day ... actually, it's been an emotional week ... I mean month ... or year. So anyway. Yesterday. I used a spoon to un-suction the now-soggy-sponge-like mass from the tupperware, piled a mound of gooey goodness in a bowl and ate the equivalent of 2 (maybe 3) pieces of heavy-cream-soaked white cake.

Yes. I'm embarrassed. But you know what? This morning I threw the rest away without even licking the spon. So at least I've got that going for me. :)

Okay, 1) that sounds delicious, and 2) thank you. Its comforting to be not alone in the occassional emotional eating fest! Now Im dying for some tres leches cake...


And Chris-- You quit smoking!!! That's HUGE!!!! I gained when I quit smoking, too. Eventually you reach an even keel, and then you can start losing when you're ready. It's still better to be a non-smoker! Congratulations!

OMG tres leches cake is the best! LOL I gotta quit eating!

Sarah I keep reminding myself it's SO MUCH better to be a non-smoker but I like to see results. Maybe if I had a before and after pic of my lungs. LOL I ran before I quit smoking and gained the weight. I bet if I ran I'd be able to tell the difference with my breathing BUT lol, right now the extra weight would probably have me huffing and puffing!

I'm sure I'll start losing the weight when I'm "ready" to. LOL it's like deciding to quit smoking...I need to decide to exercise!!! I'd kill to borrow your trainer! I need someone to MAKE me exercise. LOL

Three Musketeers bars, if I really need to self-validate. Not the king-sized ones, mind you. Just the classic size... yum. That said, have you ever checked out the book "The Four-Day Win" by Martha Beck? It's fantastic -- I'm re-reading it right now -- it's all about teaching yourself better habits in four-day bursts, and REWARDING YOURSELF for small daily successes in what she calls "turtle steps". For instance, my turtle step for the next four days is to set aside at least one minute per night for a little mini-spa hand-soothing session of moisturizing my hands without multitasking or rushing to get something else done. This sounds crazy as I type it out -- the fact that I have difficulty setting aside ONE MINUTE to mindfully take care of myself per day -- maybe depressing is a better word. Annnnyway, the idea is that for every day that I do my turtle step, I get a little reward (eg browsing on the internet for a new pair of winter boots) and on the fourth consecutive day I get a bigger reward (buying the boots) and then, after these four days, the one minute of self-care actually starts to become a HABIT that is easier to maintain than to break... and the theory with the "four-day wins" is that you can apply it to other specific daily habits (eg going for a 15-min walk after lunch)... It's a GREAT book. Written with tons of wry self-deprecating humor and insight about the importance of mindfully treating yourself well. Can't recommend it highly enough.

I totally forgot. I wanted to mention how I think we should use the word debacle at least once a day. It's a great word that's not used near enough!!

My weakness is Ben & Jerry's. I used to eat only Chubby Hubby (chocolate-covered, peanut-butter-filled pretzels in vanilla ice cream with fudge and peanut butter swirls...I'm salivating just typing that out), but for some baffling reason my grocery store doesn't carry it, so I've moved on to Peanut Butter Cup or Heath Bar Crunch. Sigh. I try to limit myself to having it only once a week, but if it's in the freezer, sometimes I hear it calling to me more often than that...

Do the pretzels in that Ben & Jerry's flavor give a little salt to the sweet? Ooops sorry...it sounded yummy! LOL

Thanks Sarah! You and your healthy no-sugar apple pie are going to cause the rest of us to put on an extra pound!


CARBS. If it's starchy, crunchy, or made out of spongy, chemical-laden white bread - I can't help but shovel it into my mouth after a bad or long day. And carbs only breed more carbs. If I have a bagel for breakfast, it's spaghetti for lunch. But I can't stop the vicious cycle... and am glad I'm going out for Italian tonight at my fave local spot (www.barlagrassa.com)


I ate a whole pecan pie last night (but it was little too, tart sized) and yummy. I love pecan pie!

I agree Val. I went on Atkins a year and a 1/2 ago. Yes, I lost a lot of weight but felt so much better. Only thing...once you stop the diet and start eating carbs again you crave them like crazy and that's all you want.

It seriously IS a vicious cycle. I think carbs are like drugs....the more you have the more you want!

I wish I had the willpower to give up carbs and sugar.

Spaghettini pasta with (jarred) alfredo sauce. Perfect for a migraine meal or after a really bad day when only carbs will do.

But can I raise my hand here for a second? I feel the need to point out that the world doesn't end when you eat a whole pie, or three servings of cake, or an entire extra-large bowl of pasta alfredo? We are not terrible people, it does not negate a month of otherwise healthy living, and maybe you take the train to class (despite the three-mile roundtrip walk in the cold rain) rather than drive. We have to live a little every once in awhile, right? If you're going to splurge, at least savor it!

What is it about Whole Foods that provides justification in my head that since it's organic/whole grain/free range/emotionally stable/etc., that it isn't really all that bad if I eat THE ENTIRE PACKAGE??? Is there subliminal messaging somewhere underneath the muzak? It must be something because in addition to one of the mini-pies (full sugar pumpkin) I ended up with a can of whipped cream that I rationalized into eating by telling myself that it came from grass-fed, hormone free happy cows. WTF???

I've been going to Weight Watchers off and on for a few years now and the leader always relates the move toward a healthy lifestyle to taking a road trip. If you start off driving from Boston to LA and your car breaks down in Ohio, you don't give up and decide to take up residence in Akron. You deal with the detour, fix the problem and start driving again.

So Sarah, your pie was simply a night in Akron...with really good room service.

Lynn, does the car breakdown near a really good restaurant??

"[...]an American pie is far to be preferred to its humble ancestor, the English tart...Beside a delightful variety of material, the decorations went beyond all my former experience: dates and and names were wrought in lines of pastry and frosting at the tops. There was even more elaborate reading material on an excellent apple pie which we began to share and eat, precept upon precept."
---Sarah Orne Jewett *The Country of the Pointed Firs* Chapter 10 (1896)

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