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I have an unreasonable love for my laptop and I'd be lost without it! If you asked to borrow it, I'd have to say nope.... and it keeps me warm just like your sweater (or at least it keeps the tops of my legs warm)! Have fun at the wedding!

First off...have a great time at the wedding. And I hope you'll maybe be able to sneak away to enjoy some of the local scenery...Napa is absolutely gorgeous!

I have a pair of shoes that make me feel just like your sweater does. They are peep toe heels from J Crew in a gorgeous cherry blossom pink silk print with a bow over the toes. I put them on and suddenly I'm Maria in West Side Story dancing around my living room singing "I Feel Pretty"...without the whole Jets/Sharks conflict of course.

I'm like Mary. I couldn't live without my computers. Even more though I don't think I could live without my iphone. If accidentally leave it at home I feel totally naked!

Last but not least, I have an unreasonable love for my Jeep. I'm trying to fix that as you can see if you read my latest blog entry. LOL

In high school I went to Europe with my sister and bought a pair of white cowboy boots. I loved them beyond reason--even wrote a college essay about them. In retrospect...yikes. But at the time they made me feel great--especially when I wore them with my bubble gum pink Guess mini skirt. Yes, this was the 80's.

More recently, my husband and I went to a nice resort for one of our last getaways before our baby arrives. The resort had AMAZING robes. I bought one, and I'm saving it for when the baby comes. I'm hoping that my fabulous new robe will help me feel like a fabulous new mother. Given how much I love a good robe...this is entirely possible.

I gotta tell you - I totally love this blog! So from a person who has done what was expected for so long that she's sorta lost touch with what she most wants, I just hope I someday find the amazing sweater, that makes me a better person, really.

My indoor/outdoor digital thermometer. It took me a while to realize I needed one, and even after a year, I'm a little stupid in my love. "Look at that! I stand here in the kitchen, and it tells me it's 42 degrees outside! I don't have to walk outside to know I need a coat. Oh look, now it's telling me the time! Brilliant!"

It's certainly the best $9 I've spent in quite a long time.

I remember those boots. They WERE pretty fabulous.

I've been reading your blog for the last week, as I stumbled upon it through twitter. Given the crossing of our lives way back when, I have to admit, it's quite entertaining to imagine this Sarah Fain person that I knew 20 years ago and what you are occupying yourself with today.
I wonder if your blog is a true representation of your "self" or if it the work of a writer and her imagination.
I wonder if you really think about singledom and motherhood as much as you write about it.
I for one, have gone to so many weddings alone or with my gay boyfriends that it has never struck me as odd or odd to any of my friends. But perhaps, that is only because I have never been thrilled in a relationship and tend to be much happier alone.
I'm in a better mind-frame and in a better physical shape when I am single.
Of course, that is not to say that being in a relationship does not have its undeniable benefits and that sharing your life and time with a significant other is not full of joy and moments of bliss.
But...in or out of companionship, I revel in my solitude -- and perhaps that is where we see the world with different shades; yours blue, mine purple, or yours true, mine deluded :D

I hope you are well, regardless, Sarah. I think of you and mom-Judy so often. Dina is my fb friend...I will visit her hopefully next year in Jordan with my dad.
I live in Cambodia where I have started a wine-education and wine-event consulting business.
In the thick of this chaotic jungle, I live in peace with not even a pet or a painting on my white walls -- never fully settled anywhere, I wonder where my next destination may be.

Much love, Remie aka FUJ

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