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Hi, SMC wannabe here and hopefully on my way. It took me 7 IUIs to get where I am today - 8 weeks pregnant. I was briefly knocked up with IUIs #5 and #6 but lucky #7 has gotten me this far. Even after reading the stats (avg 4 to 6 tries), I still was surprised it took as long as it has. I hope it happens quicker for you! Good luck! :)

Sarah, you're not up against anything. All those numbers are from different women with different bodies. Many women have no problem at all getting pregnant with IUI every single time, you just don't hear about those.

I'm guessing at this but I'm sure I'm right. Most IUI's(not talking IVF) are done because either a man has low motility and needs help getting closer to the egg or the woman's cervical mucus can sometimes contain anti-sperm antibodies and lastly a woman's mucus just may not be perfect for the sperm to swim through. There are a lot more of those cases than there are SMCs I would think.

I guess what I really want to say is don't think of failure before you have even started. Think positively the first time and expect that it will happen. Don't take that hope and anticipation away from yourself. It's all still a part of becoming a mom.

Realistically, you're going to do great.


So while I'm not a single mother by choice I did have to use IUI to conceive (thinking I can be labeled a LBC...lesbian by choice). I spent many months charting my cycles, taking my basal body temp every day (completely mastering the art of the hitting the snooze bar and grabbing the thermometer without even opening an eye), and generally trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some days this was WAY easier than others. That being said it was all worth it.

It's fine to think about all possible scenarios and while maybe not prepare for the worst at least be informed. But Chris (above) is right...It's all part of the process. And when you finally do become a mom you'll know that every experience that brought you to that point counted...good or bad. It's all just part of your story.

Well - I've already been on the IUI boat twice now and got nada. Big old goose egg. Just coming off a long break though because I was concerned that I had no freaking clue when I was ovulating. At 37, it was a mystery to me. Plus, my cycle was all over the place and big, ugly fibroids complicate the puzzle. I'm pretty optimistic though. Feeling good and positive now.

I wholeheartedly do agree with everyone else though ... your experience will be just that ... yours.

Hi. Hope to be an SMC, currently I'm 12 weeks pregnant. It took me 8 IUIs and 2 IVFs.

Woo hoo!!! Congratulations!!!


I'm a little late here, but figured I'd post my facts.

I did BBT charting but sucked at it so gave it up and finally switched to ovulation pee strips, which are AWESOME - I realized I'd been off 1-3 days each time I tried. Did 2-3 attempts/month of at-home self-insemination using donor sperm for 8 months, got pregnant, miscarried, got pregnant immediately again, and she's going to be 18 mos old in a week or so and lights up my life.
Hang in there.

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