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I'm with you on the babies, puppies, and Dyson vacuum cleaners. I highly recommend having Roomba too.

That's about it for me. argh. Maybe I should try the acupuncture?

Programmable thermostats



Chris-- Ha! Acupuncture= miracle drug! And Escape Velocity-- looking up Toffee Islands now...

Unless toffee and islands were two things.... in which case, Im with you!

Very good things: Paris, travels, friends, writing, books, Women's Murder Club, pasta & skype/yahoo. The latter are necessary and life-saving when you and your girlfriend live on different sides of the 'pond';)

Minnesota?!!! From someone who lives there: it's alright in the summer, but it was seriously -20 last week. Though I have finally purchased a sensible coat, after 25 years in the Midwest. ;)

Good things to me:
-my puppy
-being employed (with reasonable and nice boss to tout)
-butterscotch pudding
-sleep (and rest in general)

Great post! Happy holidays!

Good things:

1) Coffee
2) Sushi
3) Getting sweetly woken up by your kids in the morning -- but only if not preceded by squealing/screaming
4) Books
5) A reasonable amount of snow on/around Christmas
6) Time to think
7) Massages
8) Naps - mine or the kids', as long as they are napping at the same time
9) Percocet for migraines

Wow. I just realized I kinda created a whole arc with my list.

Combine 18 & 25. We'll provide 2 &4.

In no particular order (but numbered, because I feel like numbering them):
1) my daughter Ivy (who's birth changed so many things in my life ...not the least of which is my perspective)
2) books (all kinds of books - books to read, picture books, coloring books, sudoku books, books that become movies, books, books, books)
3) christmas trees and the glow that the lights give off at 5 in the morning before anyone else is up (even the dogs)
4) dogs
5) family (even though they can drive me crazy, i'm blessed to have a good one)
6) angels (yes, angels ... and yes, i believe in them and they are a good thing and i am thankful everyday for them)
7) friends
8) homemade sourdough bread, still warm from the oven
9) cashmere
10) hope (because without it, there might not be peace on earth someday)

Thank you for sharing this list. Sweden, Sudoku and Acupuncture are also on my list :)

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