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Last of the decade here will be spent much like other days. We do plan on taking the kids to see The Chipmunks movie. 25+ years of marriage and we have yet to spend a NY Eve out of the house. Not complaining because I really don't like crowds or parties. When our adult kids were teenagers we hosted all their friends to some really great parties....safe, non-alcoholic etc. Those were some great times. I do look forward to doing that again when my little kids are teenagers as well.

I hope you do get over to see Liz and Mixed Nuts. The pictures you posted of him were adorable. He's a beautiful baby.

Have a Happy New Year!

I hate New Year's Eve too, but I do LOVE New Year's Day. That's why I'm planning to be in bed on the 31st at 9:00 pm, so I can start off Jan 1st right full of energy and feel positive about the fresh start.

Seriously, I gave up the whole new year's eve build-up about 3 years ago, and I feel the wiser for it.

Happy New Year's Day! Just get rid of the left-overs. It hurts, but you gotta do it, right?

Hi Sarah,

I really enjoyed reading your blog this year, and look forward to more in 2010. If you ever need to escape L.A. and enjoy a winter wonderland come over this part of the world.

May 2010 bring you all the bundles of Joy you can handle.

Oh, I've been trying to figure out what to make for a wonderful NYE dinner, since I have the day off and my BF has to work, but you've given me 2 great ideas - homemade mac and cheese and cheesecake. I have two recipes for these things that I've been wanting to try, and now I have the perfect excuse!

Your day sounds lovely - enjoy it! And Happy New Year!

If I can get everything else done I need to do, I may just go for a sail--I'm definitely planning to go out to the lake to watch the moon rise over it. Then a couple of parties. I actually have someone to kiss at midnight this year--don't remember the last time that happened but I don't think it was this century.

Sounds like a perfect day Sarah! I loved Gretchen's book (and also her references to you in the book!). Reading the HP was a fantastic way to end 2009 and start the new decade! Wishing you lots of happiness and your own mixed nut(s) in 2010!! Thank you for sharing your blog with us!

Woke up at 6 and put the chuck roast on the smoker. (I'd never heard of pulled chuck until I read Doug Worgul's wonderful new Kansas City novel, THIN BLUE SMOKE. Turns out the chuck roll is the pork butt of beef.) Then I made bbq beans - hello, New Moosewood Cookbook! Then I stirred my second-ever batch of apple butter, cooking all night in the crock pot, and put away the cooled jars of my first-ever batch (OMG, these lips will never taste store bought again).

Tonight, friends join us and we feast, read poems, then the ritual: Everyone writes farewell to something, in the trash bucket it goes, with me, out the back door -- and then, having disposed of the rubbish, I walk around and ring the front door! In with the new!

What a great tradition! And the food has my mouth watering. The apple butter sounds particularly amazing. Happy New Year!

There are references to ME? Oh, now Im even more excited!

Chris, I've enjoyed getting to know you and your family through your comments. Can't wait to learn more in 2010!

Mary R-- Early to bed is a brilliant idea. I think I'm going to to curl up and watch "Up" once my yummy dinner is done.

Angelina-- Thank you so much for reading! Your winter wonderland looks beautiful, indeed!

Melanie-- Happy New Year! I hope both of our mac and cheeses turn out deliciously!

Escape Velocity-- A sail. Now THAT sounds like a great way to end the year.

I am going to the pub tonight with my darling English husband for a fancy dress ( costume) party. We married on 2.2.09 and we met because I stayed home ( formerly Atlanta) on a NYE in 2007 and took a look at men in the UK online because I was fed up with American men. (no offense to the good US men, I just wasn't meeting them).

Guardian Soulmates and a bit of good luck made me rethink what NYE means to me.

I've really been enjoying your blog and look forward to seeing how your new year unfolds.

That sounds like a fabulous day, Sarah. I keep forgetting it's the end of the decade. But now that you've reminded me, I'll try to spend part of the day appreciating how good a decade it was in my life! (The rest of the day will look much like any other day-off-work, in a good way: errands, family stuff, to-do lists and reminders-to-self about conversation I had with my life coach about not getting attached to all my to-do lists...)

You know Elizabeth might be on to something there. If I ever were in the market for a new husband I would definitely look overseas.

First I'd look in Norway because our best friends are Norwegian and the men are great. Second, I'd look in Ireland because honestly I think I could put up with a lot of crap from a man if he had that accent! LOL

Just thinking out loud. haha

Can you come back with an official name for Mixed Nuts? ;)

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