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I'm not sure one movie makes you a sci-fi geek but it's a start. haha

Hubby wants to go see Avatar right after Christmas. Will be interesting. I usually send hubby to the theater with one of our adult boys.

The last two movies I saw in a theater were.....PLEASE DON'T LAUGH....were The Passion of Christ and Titanic. And I pretty much knew the endings to both of those stories so *shrug*.

I'm looking forward to Avatar now though after so many friends have said positive things about it.

Chris - in combination with her speaking on a panel at Comic con at least once and creating Dollhouse (definite Sci-Fi) I think she is definitely eligible for membership in the geekdom.

However, she may want to avoid this due to potential dating ramifications. I don't believe Sarah considers a 20-sided die OR a blaster replica an appropriate gift from a significant other.

LOL Steve. I'm happy to say I've never seen a 20-sided die OR a blaster replica. Sci-fi geek or not I don't think either of those things would ever make a decent gift. haha

I, too, loved the movie. My husband's big question was: Where did Sigourney Weaver find a Stanford tank top that would fit her 10 foot tall avatar?

the movie was amazing, i agree.. i could have watched them explore for hours.. i preferred that to the action scenes!

I was going to go next week. Now I need to go tomorrow. There is nothing wrong with a sci fi geek (in the right context) if you can be Starfish (in all the other contexts).

On Starfish... maybe they are missing something? Worms can also split themselves in 2 (or 3 or 4). Then again, you have the female queen bee at the other end of the spectrum ;-)

...just wanted to clarify that the Starfish paragraph in my original comment was "tongue-in-cheek" and meant to be humourous... the only problem is I re-read it now and it sounds bad. Sorry :-(

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