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LOL is it horrible that all I could think of while reading your post was the picture of the dates you have posted?

It just now hit me that the stuffed dates my grandmother used to make for my dad were MUCH prettier than the ones I've been making. Her dates looked like the ones in your picture. Did she use fresh ones because she lived in CA? Mine (in KS) are all sticky and in a vacuum-sealed pouch in a box. pooh! I hope they don't taste too differently (it's not like I EVER tasted hers OR mine lol).

Oh, are your dad's filled cookies like a homemade version of a fig newton? I like the occasional fig newton but the "filled cookies" you described don't sound as good. LOL


your last post has been on my mind.. i don't even know you and yet it really affected me! i think its because i can relate.. just know that you are not alone in your thoughts! thanks for your honesty (as painful as it is.. for us too)...
in the meantime, have a glass of wine tonight, and give a little toast to yourself. you are very, very brave. for now, enjoy your own traditions and rituals. and your future little one is going to have a really kick ass mom -- with really cool traditions.. fill cookies, included, i fear.

I too bet money you will be making those cookies with your kid.

sarah, those figs or dates or whatever in the pic look like roach pods if such a thing existed! ewww! kudos to you for taking on the task. your stepmom sounds pretty sweet.

LOL Ok I have to admit that Lo bowled me over.

She hit the nail on the head when she said you'd be a "kick ass mom". I consider myself an expert on mom stuff since I have 6 kids and 8 grandkids.

The term may sound funny but a "kick ass mom" is EXACTLY what you will be. It really should be your mantra from now on. Seriously, repeat after me I WILL BE A KICK ASS MOM!

Yep, you will.


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